Using human as a shield is not an Indian Army norm : General

- Aditya Sharma   10-06-2017


After all the criticism from the politicians and commentators, the Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has said that the using human shield by the Indian Army is not a norm but individual officers are entitled to decide according to their tactics depending on the circumstances.


He also dismissed that the Army is trigger-happy, but says with the stakeholders for any meaningful dialogue the level of violence in Jammu and Kashmir needs to be brought down.

“dialogue and violence cannot go together,” General Rawat said.


He told that the situation was not as bad in J&K as it was portrayed in the media and dismissed the perception that people of the state are against the Army. “Human shield is not a general norm. as a practice, it is not supported, but situations would dictate. Under the circumstances, Major Leetul Gogoi took a decision independently. He cant look back at that stage and waits for orders. I think in his own wisdom he took the action.”

“If somebody has any other ideas as to how to tackle such a situation, then he can pass it on to us. We will take a look at it,” General Rawat said.


General was asked to comment on a string of criticisms about his earlier remarks defending Major Gogoi’s action of tying a civilian to the bonnet of an Army jeep when facing a crowd of stone pelters in the valley.

Replying to a question over his reported remarks that stone pelters should rather use guns as mounting to instigating them to take to guns, General maintained that he was misquoted on this issue. “in a proxy war situation like this the enemy cannot be identified. He is not wearing a band or a uniform that can identify him as a terrorist. Only when he fires then you know what to do in such a situation. The Army cannot throw stones, that is not my pattern. I can’t throw stones.”

At last, General ended the conversation with relation to the absence of any dialogue in J&K and whether there can be a military solution that can be lasting, he said it should be an “integrated” solution. “we have to bring peace to the people of Jammu & Kashmir.”