Pakistan - More a Foe than a Friend: US Think Tank

- Abhishek Kumar   06-06-2017


Pakistan is still a home of Taliban and Haqqani network and a dangerous ally to be recon with, concludes a renowned think tank from the US.  Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) says in a report that Trump administration should make it clear to Islamabad that it will face sanctions if it continues to support Taliban or Haqqani.

The report published by CSIS’s Arleigh Burke, it says that Afghanistan is currently doing badly in fighting civilian politics and poverty. Pakistan remains a sanctuary for both – Taliban and Haqqani network.

They conclude that Pakistan is more of a threat than an ally for the US.  The think tank opines that the US should impose sanctions on Pakistan if they continue to support the enemy of the country and humanity. They put the onus on Trump government for implementation of the suggestions.