Iran increases military budget by 145%

- Himani Sharma   13-06-2017


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, on the Iranian Army Day, boasted about a recent investment in the Iranian military’s administration becomes. In the quoted paragraph, Rouhani talked big about around 145 percent of inclination in Iran’s military budget, a numeral that was rumoured to be a deception to shoot up his testament before the upcoming presidential elections.

Such a speechmaking shoot up is coinciding with the receiving of $100 billion after the initiation of a Joint Apprehensive Plan of Action implies that the Iranian government has unjustifiably invested its accelerated profits into Iran’s military agenda.

 The statement that has come during the time window of the presidential campaign has taken its toll since Rouhani’s propaganda of dealing with economic issues has always been a hot subject of conflict. He has been unable to make parallel statements with the subject to inland expenses when made to face citizen who is constantly dissatisfied with their below average standards of living.

Political scholars of the west entitle the Iranian President as a semantic or crusader but, in the tenure of decades-long career with the Islamic Republic, he has always been regarded as the government’s “Fixer”, especially when it pertains to the questions the Iran’s military.

While Iranian diplomats and bureaucrats have used their defence funds to obtain an ethnic military industry, they still continue to import certain technologies from different nations.