Indian Army receives first consignment of howitzers

- Abhishek Kumar   19-05-2017


Two howitzer artillery advanced guns arrived for Indian Army for test and approval from the US, as the contract signed by the both countries last year.

M777 ultralight howitzers are the first advanced 155mm and 39 caliber artillery guns in India now after the Bofors guns. These artillery guns are super advanced on various points, like accuracy and portability.

Howitzer artillery guns could be carried by the Indian helicopters and placed at various terrains plain as well as mountain locations. One howitzer weighs only 4 tones.

As per the contract, 145 howitzers will be handed over to Indian Army by 2021. 25 howitzers will be imported from the US directly and 120 guns will be assembled in India in partnership with the Mahindra Group, a private player.  

After long and tough tests by the Indian Army, new consignments of the howitzers will be given to Indian Army every month onwards. M777 A-2 (Indian) ULHs have been developed to fire India made ammunitions also.