3 Times Indian Air Force Proved they are the best

- Rishabh Sharma   08-10-2016


While we often appreciate the marvels of Indian Army and their bravados on the border, seldom do we know about the monumental achievements of Indian Air Force. Air Force is considered as the third line of defense of a nation and it is thus not often required in the defense operations of the country. Air Force is generally called into action when the situation becomes desperate and when Army operations are not sufficient to belittle the enemy on the battlefield.

On the occasion of 84th Air Force Day, we look down at some operations undertaken by Indian Air Force displaying unprecedented courage -

Indo Pak war, 1965

Indian Air Force was used effectively for the first time in this battle. Indian Air Forces carried out independent raid missions against Pakistani air base, braving the anti aircraft technology that Pakistan possessed at that time. Indian aircrafts destroyed 73 Pakistani aircrafts during the war while suffering 35 causalities on their side.

Operation Meghdoot, 1984

Though not being actively used in the warfare, Indian Air Force was used as a support vehicle during the Siachen war for supplying stores and troupes at the battlefield. The war, which took place on the highest battlefield of the world, saw India claiming a 1000 square miles area from the jaws of Pakistan.

Kargil, 1999

Operation Safed Sagar was launched during the Kargil war to provide close air support to the army. The operation was the biggest in terms of execution where IAF MIG- 21s and MIG-29s annihilated Pakistani troupes on the battlefield.