Huge gaps appear between CBSE's fist and revised marks

- Abhishek Kumar   19-06-2017


A student had shocked to see 42 marks in his Math paper in CBSE conducted 12th Exam, published on 26 May. The student applied for the verification of marks and after verification process 90 marks has been given. Another student got finally 95 marks in Math paper after verification, which was earlier 68.

Some access to the documents of a Mumbai student shows that the student got 90 marks after revision that was only 50 earlier. Such a huge difference between the marks shows that CBSE carried out its responsibility in a clumsy way. It shows how loosely the exam copies were checked under the administration of CBSE.

Another major factor in this year’s result is that there are an unprecedented number of applications filed for verification of the marks. It is maximum for all the time in the past. It questions the CBSE’s paper check and evaluation processes mainly.

As per the educationists, this much number of verification requests dent the image of CBSE and puts a task before the Board to conduct the exams in a pragmatic and a professional way as it affects the future of a huge number of students, appearing for most crucial exams every year.