Save a life in 60 seconds: A person who has suffered a heart attack needs you

- Himanshu Yadav   29-12-2016


A heart attack occurs when heart muscle is deprived from oxygen, either partially or completely, due to clogged corony arteries Without enough oxygen and nutrients, the heart muscle begins to die and becomes dysfunctional, which leads to a heart attack (myocardial infarction) and potential cardiac arrest and eventual death.

According to Dr. John Christopher a man’s life can be saved with in 60 seconds, who has suffered a heart attack. He proves that if you take a teaspoon of cayenne and put it in a cup and pour this with hot water. This cup of cayenne can help the patient to stand in his legs with in minutes.

Most heart attacks are caused by malnutrition because of processed food people are eating. Any one could sufferd a heart attack. So, you should know this powerful step by which you can save a person life. This cup of warm acid directly opens up  the cell structure of your body. Cayenne is very fast and and goes directly to the heart through the artery system and feeding the heart in powerful food.  It works faster then any medicine.

 Do note this recipe in your notebook, it would be very helpful for you and your loved ones.