How too much red meat affects your health

- Abhishek Kumar   05-06-2017


Eeating red meat often put your health on risk. Reasons are below:

1.     More risk of type 2 diabetes: Eating red or processed meat too much increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

2.     It makes blood vessels hardened: Carnitine in red meat causes clogging of the arteries. Increased carnitine means increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3.     You eat pink slime: It’s a meat additive that contains fatty bits of leftover meat that’s heated and then treated with ammonia gas to kill bacteria. This chemical comes in the food finally.

4.     Livestock production impacts our planet: Meat impact the Earth more than any other food we eat. Producing a quarter pound hamburger requires seven pounds of grain and fodders and 53 gallons of drinking water and feed crops besides grazing crops.

5.      Sickness from E. Coli: Eating meat often will have E. Coli germ in your intestine until you don’t get treated and medicated properly. E. Coli causes dehydration, stomachache and kidney failure.