Best food to eat before a workout

- Ashish Gera   17-05-2017


It’s a bad idea to exercise on an empty stomach. If you are going out for workout like cycling, running or lifting you should take some protein or carbohydrates half or one hour before the workout in order to provide energy to the body and repair muscles during the workout.

Here are foods that you can take before workout:

·         Bananas

Bananas are Carbohydrate rich fruit which provides enough energy for workout. It also maintains muscles and nerve functioning. If you work out early in the morning do not have a banana on empty stomach.

·         Oats

Oats are carbohydrate and fibre rich food. They easily sync in with your body system and provide enough energy for workout. It is recommended to be taken for breakfast.

·         Egg whites

It is one of the best pre workout option but remember eat only the white part as yolk consist of fat which may  make you feel sluggish during your workout

·         Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are an amazing food option during this heat for pre workout as it has high-protien which can be easily digested. It also consists of carbohydrate which would give you energy for a couple of hours of workout.

·         Black Coffee

Black Coffee is a great option for someone who is looking to burn some fat as it generates more energy. You can simply have a cup of black coffee in the morning before workout to pump yourself up.

·         Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt consists of high amount of protein as compared to normal Yoghurt. You can also go for cottage cheese if you want a little high protein option.

·         Dry fruit

It’s a good option as it is light and easy to have. Simple carbohydrates will provide you with energy without weighing you down.

·         Chickpeas (chana)

You can eat a quarter or one third cup of chickpeas before workout. A quarter cup will give you approximately 10 gram protein 25 gram of carbohydrates and around 10 grams of fibres.