6 best foods that keep you cool in summer

- Abhishek Kumar   27-05-2017


As mercury level rises and perspiration continues with sun keeps draining your energy as well as hydration level, dehydration is a common symptom with us in each summer season in India and across the states.

In order to keep you cool and hydrated, following 6 foods are best to beat the heat immediately:

·        Cucumber: Cucumber keeps you cool while provide lots of fiber also that keeps stomach clean.

·        Curd/Buttermilk: It is a delicious coolant. Buttermilk too can be taken out from the curd, which is another elixir to beat the heat in summer.

·        Coconut Water: This coolant is having lots of health benefits such as rich minerals, which are good for immune system. It works as electrolyte in our body that brings back the body into hydrated condition after dehydration.

·        Onion: It is very healthy to eat onion, especially raw in summer season. It protects body from heat stroke and works as a thermo regulator for the body.

·        Mint: It is very delicious and used in cool jaljeera  – an excellent drink.

·        Watermelon: It is a super coolant. It is available everywhere in summer season in India.

Preparing a salad having onions, cucumbers, melons with mint is indeed a superb coolant for anytime.