Want to check your DP viewer on WhatsApp? Here the way you can :

- Arnav Sharma   13-06-2017


As people are being more socializing day by day they also want to know the people who stalk them, many people are actually very eager to know the people who stalk them or view their profile displays. You can actually know the real viewers who tried watching your profile for this you just have to download an app from the Google play store know as Whats tracker. It actually allows you to know your visitors. 

Whats tracker allows you to track a user who visits your WhatsApp profile. You can also track your WhatsApp contact's location on the map. You can know details about all the visitors and their location too. Now no more hidden visitors J.

The app requires 4.1 Android or up, currently 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 installs done till date.

It’s good to spy on your GF/BF or your children, now no more lies J

Here is the video which will help you to use this app.