Use this trick to make your power bank at home

- Rishabh Sharma   24-10-2016


With the arrival of power banks, battery life of your phone is not a bothering issue anymore. By the by, there still exist situations where you either neglect to charge your energy bank or perhaps your companions sneakily spend all the battery in the power bank and you are left hopeless. 
Obviously, an answer is to convey an extra power bank. Well, you need not buy another power bank. Here's a DIY to make a power bank at your home. You can simply demonstrate it off and truly, it's enjoyable to make!
Here are somethings you will need-
-9v battery and 1 spare one
-A small sized tin box
-A small sized switch
-A USB charger
-Two copper wires
-Presently shred the extra battery to take its take off. 
-Next you have to weld the wires onto the head
-Deliberately bind the head totally with the goal that it fits over the practical battery. 
-Keep in mind that USB charger? Dismantle it. 
-Presently associate the head, switch and the negative terminal of the charger in arrangement. 
-Next, associate the change to positive terminal of charger as appeared. 
-Sliced openings in the case to fit the USB end and the switch. 
-Embed the USB charger part and the switch into the crate. 
-Embed the USB charger part and the switch into the crate. 
-Subsequent to ensuring the wires are welded into the case, associate the battery to the head. 
-You can storeadditional battery as well, in the event that something goes wrong. 
-Presently, associate the USB wire to your telephone and to the case.