Samsung galaxy S8 VS iPhone7 plus - The drop test Guessing the survivor!

- Aarnav Sharma   14-06-2017


Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone7 plus the latest & majestic technologies in India have been launched and probably the best Smartphones for both the company, respectively. Both the technologies are very similar but obviously, have the different designs which make both the phones unique with their capabilities.

Talking about the looks, The Samsung variant has an attractive dual-curved display that bleeds to the very edge of the chassis, securing the physical footprint of the device leaves doable– despite the size of the screen. Samsung has entitled this breathtaking edge-to-edge design, Infinity Display. 








Samsung Gaxaly S8



Corning Gorilla Glass 5


Corning gorilla glass 5, with 5.8 inch Quad HD+ display 570 pixels per inch & 6.2-inch variation in the S8+ model


iPhone 7



Aluminium body


4.7 inch -5.5-inch screen


The Galaxy S8 has almost extirpated the bezels around its display but the iPhone 7 still has thick bands around its display allowing to use the front-facing camera, proximity sensors, stereo speakers, and Home Button, which has an embedded fingerprint scanner.


The iPhone model does not entertain with a glass back as Samsung variant does but comes with an aluminum protective shell.

From outside the larger bezels and metal case design makes the iPhone look more muscular and resistant to sudden drops comparing with an all-glass, edge to edge design of the Samsung Galaxy S8.


But surprisingly that’s not the case according to a new drop test between both the models uploaded by renown YouTube account EverythingApplePro.

The YouTube star managed to get his hands on a Galaxy S8 before the UK release date and published all the tests on the nail.

Predictably, the Samsung Galaxy S8's back, which is caused with Gorilla Glass 5, shatters almost instantly whereas aluminum back on the iPhone 7 holds up much better.

All-glass Gorilla glass 5 Samsung Galaxy S8 back shattered on the go whereas the iPhone 7 aluminum backs win the race.

Let’s take a look at the most unmatched test and make our own decision for choosing the King!