Jumping robots ready for rescue operations

- Abhishek Kumar   08-12-2016


Robots, jumping like a monkey can be of great help in time of need, such as rescue operations born out of earthquakes or building collapses, etc. Now, monkeys, totally made of metals and microchips working on the software programmed with, are ready to assist humans. Scientists based in United States have succeeded in making these latest leapers of the world and thus getting a huge applause for this. Science Robotics journal has published the report saying these robots are developed to jump one meter within one second of time.

The first robot is named Salto, which is twenty six centimeter tall and can leap higher and longer than a bullfrog and almost the same height as a bush baby. Though it is not tall and capable enough like a normal robot but keeping the size and utility in mind it can be of great help in the time of bad situations faced by human beings more often. Salto robot holds the crown in vertical jumping agility, which researchers define as the ratio of the maximum jump height to the time it takes to complete one jump.

The bush baby jumps so well because it stores energy in its tendons when it is in a crouched position and can then spring into the air. The researchers adapted that into Salto by using a motorised, spring loaded leg mechanism that lets the robot get into the same type of crouched position. Actually, Salto can jump to a height of one metre in 0.58 seconds and be immediately ready to jump again, claimed the scientists who made it.

The name Salto stands for saltatorial locomotion on terrain obstacles and weighs only 100 grams. This one-legged robot can jump from the floor, flip forward and then kick off a wall.