Fujifilm launches 'instax mini 9' camera in India.

- Aditya Sharma   19-06-2017


Fujifilm, the imaging products manufacturer has recently launched a new camera ‘instax mini 9’ in India. The camera is prices at Rs 5,999 and comes with the same design as its predecessor, the instax mini 8. Also it consists of a selfie mirror placed close to the lens, which enables to achieve the best angle.

This new camera by Fujifilm features a close-up lens and other features like automatic exposure measurement for setting aperture, along with a high-key mode that allows users to capture brighter images. The instax series now has mini 25, mini 70, mini 90, wide 300 and mini hello kitty cameras.

“We welcome our new iconic camera ‘instax mini 9’ into the instax family, equipped with upgrade technology and advanced features. The new product is designed by keeping in mind the ever changing preferences of the Indian Youth,” S.M. Ramprasad, Assistant vice President of Fujifilm said.