Coolest/Weirdest phone accessory

- Ardas Sandhu   19-06-2017


Here comes yet another gadget in the weird/cool arena. HelloZee is the company’s name and Smart Core is the product we are going to talk about today.

Smart Core is a dope piece of tech that is available for iPhone 5/5s/SE, iPhone6/6s, iPhone 6+/6s+, iPhone7/7+, iPad Air, iPad Mini 1/2/3, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8. It truly is an all in one device. All the Apple users know about the infamous storage issue and the battery issue. You won’t be so psyched about the extra storage parts if you own a 128GB or 256GB variant, but yes, when it comes to storage you can always have more! This device comes in three variants: 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. It is a full package deal; it has special cases for your phone and there are color options to choose from too. You get at least 3 cases of different colors in the box. Then there is obviously the Smart Core, which does all the magic, and a small data cable which connects the Smart Core to your device.

Now let’s talk about how it works. It’s really very simple, a kid could do it. You just take the Smart Core, plug in the data cable into it, slide it into the case, and connect the data cable with your phone. Next, slide the Smart Core with your phone into the case and you’re all set! Just a little sliding and plugging in and now you have extra storage, LED light and wireless charging! This device comes with an app. You have to download to app on your phone, and then you can control the device the way you want. Charge your phone whenever you want. The app also gives you a camera app, and the flash is really amazing too. There is a day and night difference in the photos clicked from your phone camera app and this device’s camera app, the reason being LED flashlight. That extra LED flashlight really enhances the photos.

There is a charging port at the back of the case to charge the Smart Core. Needless to say, its battery lasts long so that your phone’s battery can too.

Just like any other tech, Smart Core has its shortcomings too. The device and case adds too much bulk to phone, which can be ignored given the features you’re getting with it. Also, the case has a bump where your phone’s the charging port is (you can see it in the photo), which kinda makes it look ugly.

You can find it on Amazon. Unfortunately, it is not available in India but you can order it from (USA).