Mountains are calling, Pack up for a vacation.

- Alive Correspondence   07-02-2017


Are you packing up to head to the mountains to experience nature? Here are some essentials that you need to pick up for the vacations :
1Sunscreen :A sunscreen lotion with an SPF is highly recommended to prevent from mountain sunburn. 
2 :Hydrator :Use a hydrator to make sure that your skin might not lose moisture due to lack of humidity in the air. Your skin might lose moisture. The hydrators lock the moisture in your skin. 
3Lotion and Lip Balm :It is important to take some lotion and lip balm along because the weather in the mountains can cause skin dryness. Lip balm and lotion rich in soy milk, body butter, cocoa or honey is the best pick .
4 . Hair conditioner :Carry along a conditioner to keep your hair's moisture intact. The chilly winds can make your hair dry. 
5. Hand Cream :take along a good quality hand cream and use it as often as you can for smooth hands. 
6 . cuticle Oil :Cuticle oil is recommended because nail essentials are something that should not be overlooked. you definitely not want cuticles entangling with your pullovers.