India comes up to be the top exporter of ICT Services: UN report

- Aditya Sharma   17-06-2017


In a new UN report it highlighted India as an emerging innovation center in Asia, as it became the top exporter for Information and Communication Technology Services.

“The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in its 10th edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII) India gained rank of 60 on its list of 130 most innovative countries in the world,” UN reported.

Co-authored by WIPPO, Cornell University and INSEAD, added that India maintains its top place in Central and Southern Asia, moving up six spots (from 66th last year to 60th this year overall).

Further, the group of nations including India, Kenya, and Viet Nam are outperforming their development-level peers.

Rich countries continue to dominate global innovation in terms of most new products and services, Switzerland at the top for the seventh year running and high-income economies taking 24 of the top 25 spots, china is expecting at 22, moving up three places in last 12 months.

 “Public policy plays a pivotal role in creating an enabling environment conducive to innovation. In the last two years, we have seen important activities around the GII in India like the formation of India’s high-level Task Force on Innovation and consultative exercises on both innovation policy and better innovation metrics,” said Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, Confederation of Indian Industry, which is among the 2017 GII knowledge partners.

 “India now belongs on the top half of the GII rankings. The continuous improvement of India in terms of investment, tertiary education, the quality of its publications and universities, its ICT Services exports, and its innovation clusters deserves mentioning,” UN reported.

The report said “it hopes India will continue on this trajectory, with innovation investments leading to more dynamic R&D — intensive firms that are active in patenting, high-technology production, and exports.”

“If India then increasingly connects its innovation system to the innovative countries in the East as well as to standing innovation powerhouses in the West, it will make a true difference in Asia’s regional role in innovation and to global innovation more generally,” the UN report added.

Since last 10 years, it has been observed an innovative capacity gap between developed and developing nations and lackluster growth rates for the research and development activities at both the government and corporate levels.