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Modi making defence stronger: F16 fighters to be made in India

- Prachi Arora   20-06-2017

New Delhi: The Defence Ministry finalised the Strategic Partnership Policy last month in order to boost private sector role in weapon production. Reflecting on the Strategic Planning (SP) policy, the Narendra Modi Government has decided that foreign suppliers will have to make plans in India with local partners, thereby cutting

Iran increases military budget by 145%

- Himani Sharma   13-06-2017

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, on the Iranian Army Day, boasted about a recent investment in the Iranian military’s administration becomes. In the quoted paragraph, Rouhani talked big about around 145 percent of inclination in Iran’s military budget, a numeral that was rumoured to be a deception

Using human as a shield is not an Indian Army norm : General

- Aditya Sharma   10-06-2017

After all the criticism from the politicians and commentators, the Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has said that the using human shield by the Indian Army is not a norm but individual officers are entitled to decide according to their tactics depending on the circumstances.   He also dismissed that

Pakistan - More a Foe than a Friend: US Think Tank

- Abhishek Kumar   06-06-2017

Pakistan is still a home of Taliban and Haqqani network and a dangerous ally to be recon with, concludes a renowned think tank from the US.  Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) says in a report that Trump administration should make it clear to Islamabad that it will


- Nandini Jha   06-06-2017

With passing time and development of the nation, the power of Indian armed forces are also growing remarkably and a nation with a security pact with the Soviet Union in the past is now independent and world’s fourth most powerful army in the world following USA, RUSSIA and

Indian Army kills 5 Pak soldiers along LoC

- Abhishek Kumar   01-06-2017

Indian Army’s para forces gunned downed 5 Pakistani soldiers of a border action team (BAT) along the Line of Control yesterday. The offensive has been done in the Muzaffarabad sector by Indian Army’s Special Forces as per the detail come out by Army officials. BAT is a

Army officer honoured who tied human with jeep for protection

- Abhishek Kumar   23-05-2017

The army major awarded with Chief of Army Staff’s Commendation (COAS) award for using human-shield in order to send the stone pelters a strong message as deterrence. Indian Army spokesperson Colonel Aman Anand confirmed that the major officer had been awarded COAS for sustained efforts in counter insurgency

Indian Army receives first consignment of howitzers

- Abhishek Kumar   19-05-2017

Two howitzer artillery advanced guns arrived for Indian Army for test and approval from the US, as the contract signed by the both countries last year. M777 ultralight howitzers are the first advanced 155mm and 39 caliber artillery guns in India now after the Bofors guns. These artillery guns are super

India's first heliport is now operational!

- Munmun Bhattacharjee   06-03-2017

Yesterday was another proud day for India as we got our first heliport. Built on an investment of Rs.100 crore, this is definitely a huge step forward by our country in terms of overall development. It is an initiative by Pawan Hans Ltd and is spread over an area of 25

A bewitiching video of landing on Pluto released by NASA

- Himanshu Yadav   23-01-2017

NASA is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious organisation in the world. The work they do is commendable and not all of us can be at par with it. They have been churning out captivating and bewitching research items that take the world by surprise; be it the water images

Army chief General Bipin Rawat says In frontline combat role, women can't ask for extra facilities

- Alive Correspondent   14-01-2017

Army chief General Bipin Rawat said it's up to women to decide if they they are willing to join men in a frontline combat role without separate and additional facilities. Asserting that equal opportunity brings equal responsibility.   Addressing his first annual conference after taking over as Chief of

India offering surface-to-air Akash missile systems to Vietnam

- Alive Correspondent   09-01-2017

Sources say discussions are under way with Vietnam on the Akash area defence missiles.The missiles have an interception range of 25-km against hostile aircraft, helicopters & drones.This comes in the backdrop of India & Vietnam deciding to “elevate” their “strategic partnership”   India is

India ready to first base squadron of Rafale fighter jets

- Alive correspondent   07-01-2017

Frontline Indian Air Force base in Hasimara in West Bengal is likely to be one of the bases for a Rafale squadron, informed sources said on Friday.   Sukhoi-30MKI fighters already operating from Tezpur and Chabua in Assam, the IAF has now finalised plans for the first 18 Rafales

China To Send 30-plus Missions Into Space In this year 2017

- Alive Correspondent   04-01-2017

Security experts have warned the Chinese are seeking to gain a foothold of control in outer space and have now accelerated their timetable. China plans to conduct some 30 space launch missions in 2017, a record-breaking number in the country's space history, said China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Long March-5

India's Longest Range Nuclear Missile Agni 5, To Be Tested Today

- Alive Correspondent   26-12-2016

India on Monday test fired surface-to-surface nuclear capable ballistic missile 'Agni-5' off the coast of Odisha on Monday, says reports. The reports further suggest that this will be the fourth and final test of intercontinental ballistic missile Agni-5.   The intercontinental surface-to-surface nuclear capable ballistic missile, the latest in India'

Japan's government approved an increase in defence spending to record levels.

- Sanjib Sharma   22-12-2016

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government on Thursday approved an increase in defence spending to record levels to counter growing Chinese military power in the East China Sea and an escalating North Korean ballistic missile threat.   Japan has increased its defence budget by 1.4% to $43.66 billion for next year.

3 Times Indian Air Force Proved they are the best

- Rishabh Sharma   08-10-2016

While we often appreciate the marvels of Indian Army and their bravados on the border, seldom do we know about the monumental achievements of Indian Air Force. Air Force is considered as the third line of defense of a nation and it is thus not often required in the defense

Here's Why Surgical Strike On Pakistan Is the Best Tribute To Departed Soldiers!

- Sanjeev Sirohi   30-09-2016

First and foremost, let me convey my unstinted support to the present dispensation in Centre led by PM Narendra Modi for allowing full freedom to Army to carry out surgical strike inside Pakistan to avenge the death of our 18 soldiers who were brutally killed while asleep. It is being reported

India and France Signs the Rafale Deal

- Gaurav Saini   27-09-2016

Last week, India signed a deal to buy 36 Rafale fighter jets from France for around $8.7bn,the country’s first major acquition of combat planes in two decades. It was a boost for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to rebuild an ageing fleet. The deal that had

India's new move to counter China

- Amit Kr. Yadav   09-06-2016

Yes you heard it right, India to export weapons. In order to tackle China’s growing military power, India has stepped up efforts to sell its advanced cruise missile system to Vietnam. New Delhi is also eying 15 more markets for selling the supersonic BrahMos missile. BrahMos which is made


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