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How too much red meat affects your health

- Abhishek Kumar   05-06-2017

Eeating red meat often put your health on risk. Reasons are below: 1.     More risk of type 2 diabetes: Eating red or processed meat too much increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. 2.     It makes blood vessels hardened: Carnitine in red meat causes clogging of

6 best foods that keep you cool in summer

- Abhishek Kumar   27-05-2017

As mercury level rises and perspiration continues with sun keeps draining your energy as well as hydration level, dehydration is a common symptom with us in each summer season in India and across the states. In order to keep you cool and hydrated, following 6 foods are best to beat the

Food to eat for a healthy brain

- Ashish Gera   25-05-2017

Food you eat is highly connected to how your brain functions. Brain food are rich anti-oxidants also provide good fats for the body along with vitamins and mineral which provide energy to strengthen the immune system of the body. Here is a list of few foods that help to Boost

Best food to eat before a workout

- Ashish Gera   17-05-2017

It’s a bad idea to exercise on an empty stomach. If you are going out for workout like cycling, running or lifting you should take some protein or carbohydrates half or one hour before the workout in order to provide energy to the body and repair muscles during

How you should drink water

- Matish Bhashkar   16-05-2017

Human body consists of 50-70% water. Our body continuously needs water to perform all the activities and functions; therefore drinking water is very good for health. Ayurveda has laid down some essential guidelines for drinking water to help improve your health and to prevent any ailments due to the

Benefits of eating cucumber

- Latha Menon   16-05-2017

Cucumber is a refreshing and cooling vegetable which is soothing to the palate.  It is used to make salads, juices, fresh chutney, raitas, etc.  Cucumber is a good source of vitamin C and the mineral molybdenum.  They are also source of vitamin A, potassium, manganese, forate, dietary

7 Fat-Busting Fruits To Reduce That Belly Fat Now

- Himanshu Yadav   16-05-2017

Spending hours in the gym, giving up on the favourite food, trying yoga poses and straining our body and mind with various medical treatment, people do everything in their might to get rid of that excess fat from their body to look their amazing best. However, paying full attention to

Anita Hassanandani shares her fitness and diet secrets behind her fit body

- Himanshu Yadav   11-05-2017

One of the most popular and prettiest faces of TV industry Anita Hassanandani, popular as Shagun on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, has undergone an amazing transformation. She has managed to get the perfect body and a beautiful face that makes all of us drool. Her saree clad look in Yeh Hai

Dentists filled cavities with tar in Stone Age

- Abhishek Kumar   06-05-2017

In a recent excavation, two teeth of a person who lived in presently Italy region some 13,000 years ago show a great Stone Age dentistry technique. Actually, the specialists, in those days, didn't bore and fill cavities. That dental specialist scratched them out.   At that time period the dentist

Why should we drink carrot juice?

- Abhishek Kumar   06-05-2017

Carrot is very beneficial for health. It comes in different colour, such as yellow, purple black and red. And this vegetable is used across the world as a part of salad and other recipes. Its juice is also very beneficial for health. It benefits our body on these points: 1. &

Foods that boost your immunity

- Alive Correspondence   07-02-2017

It is well said that 'precautions is better than cure '.boosting your immunity is much better than taking pills and supplements. If you find yourself falling ill very often, you should go the natural way by including 'super foods 'in your diet. Here are some 'super foods ' we should include

Public Smoking, dark concern to worry for

- Alive Correspondence   30-01-2017

In a recent event, the administration of the region has put a ban on the public smoking at Darjeeling. That’s indeed a great move, but why every time we need to frame a strict law for the people to choose to right things. When will people come forward

Reduce Pounds Of Weight with Oats

- Ritika Gupta   30-01-2017

Searching for the way toward a more beneficial you? It's not hard to discover. It's normal for anybody attempting to get in shape, needs to lose it rapidly. In any case, confirm demonstrates that individuals who get more fit progressively and relentlessly are more effective at keeping weight

Save a life in 60 seconds: A person who has suffered a heart attack needs you

- Himanshu Yadav   29-12-2016

A heart attack occurs when heart muscle is deprived from oxygen, either partially or completely, due to clogged corony arteries Without enough oxygen and nutrients, the heart muscle begins to die and becomes dysfunctional, which leads to a heart attack (myocardial infarction) and potential cardiac arrest and eventual death. According

Reasons behind Why Humans Constantly Interested In Sex

- Sanjib Sharma   10-12-2016

Most of the animals have periods when they come into heat, and outside these periods they don't find sex interesting at all. However, the case is different for human beings who are constantly interested in sex. So, what is the reason behind it? A study says that the reason

10 common condom myths busted, you need to stop believing

- Sanjib Sharma   09-12-2016

With the dilapidated state of sexual knowledge in our country, what has made its way into our lives is a big bunch of myths. Yes, about condoms, too. We think we know what's there to an effective protection but don't make up your mind before you read the

3 Simple Tips to Get Toned Butts Like These

- Alive Correspondent   30-11-2016

Ever wondered how swimsuit models get into shape? Well here are the best 3 bodyweight exercises one should do to get butts like them. 1. Squats One of the best exercises for shaping your butts and an overall lower body workout. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees

5 Tips to Safeguard your Hair during Winters

- Rishabh Sharma.   22-11-2016

Amid the winter months, chilly outside climate consolidated with dry indoor warmth can ruin your hair, prompting to unevenness and breakages. It's hard to believe, but it's true: breakage isn't only a late spring trouble. It happens in winter, and to all way of hair sorts. With

This Simple Trick can Induce a Long, Good Night Sleep

- Rishabh Sharma   20-11-2016

With the increased use of internet these days, people have developed a screen addiction which is slowly eating up their nap time. People are turning insomniac which in turn can affect their work related performance as well. However, the problem could be solved by this simple technique which comes straight

What Should Be Your Ideal Weight According To Your Age?

- Rishabh Sharma   16-11-2016

Perfect weight is how much your body needs to weigh for ideal capacity. Now and again, there's a major gap between sought and perfect weight, since fancied weight can regularly be undesirable weight.    Unreasonable weight reduction is not generally the best alternative for a sound body. While


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