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Foods that boost your immunity

- Alive Correspondence   07-02-2017

It is well said that 'precautions is better than cure '.boosting your immunity is much better than taking pills and supplements. If you find yourself falling ill very often, you should go the natural way by including 'super foods 'in your diet. Here are some 'super foods ' we should include

Public Smoking, dark concern to worry for

- Alive Correspondence   30-01-2017

In a recent event, the administration of the region has put a ban on the public smoking at Darjeeling. That’s indeed a great move, but why every time we need to frame a strict law for the people to choose to right things. When will people come forward

Reduce Pounds Of Weight with Oats

- Ritika Gupta   30-01-2017

Searching for the way toward a more beneficial you? It's not hard to discover. It's normal for anybody attempting to get in shape, needs to lose it rapidly. In any case, confirm demonstrates that individuals who get more fit progressively and relentlessly are more effective at keeping weight

Save a life in 60 seconds: A person who has suffered a heart attack needs you

- Himanshu Yadav   29-12-2016

A heart attack occurs when heart muscle is deprived from oxygen, either partially or completely, due to clogged corony arteries Without enough oxygen and nutrients, the heart muscle begins to die and becomes dysfunctional, which leads to a heart attack (myocardial infarction) and potential cardiac arrest and eventual death. According

Reasons behind Why Humans Constantly Interested In Sex

- Sanjib Sharma   10-12-2016

Most of the animals have periods when they come into heat, and outside these periods they don't find sex interesting at all. However, the case is different for human beings who are constantly interested in sex. So, what is the reason behind it? A study says that the reason

10 common condom myths busted, you need to stop believing

- Sanjib Sharma   09-12-2016

With the dilapidated state of sexual knowledge in our country, what has made its way into our lives is a big bunch of myths. Yes, about condoms, too. We think we know what's there to an effective protection but don't make up your mind before you read the

3 Simple Tips to Get Toned Butts Like These

- Alive Correspondent   30-11-2016

Ever wondered how swimsuit models get into shape? Well here are the best 3 bodyweight exercises one should do to get butts like them. 1. Squats One of the best exercises for shaping your butts and an overall lower body workout. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees

5 Tips to Safeguard your Hair during Winters

- Rishabh Sharma.   22-11-2016

Amid the winter months, chilly outside climate consolidated with dry indoor warmth can ruin your hair, prompting to unevenness and breakages. It's hard to believe, but it's true: breakage isn't only a late spring trouble. It happens in winter, and to all way of hair sorts. With

This Simple Trick can Induce a Long, Good Night Sleep

- Rishabh Sharma   20-11-2016

With the increased use of internet these days, people have developed a screen addiction which is slowly eating up their nap time. People are turning insomniac which in turn can affect their work related performance as well. However, the problem could be solved by this simple technique which comes straight

What Should Be Your Ideal Weight According To Your Age?

- Rishabh Sharma   16-11-2016

Perfect weight is how much your body needs to weigh for ideal capacity. Now and again, there's a major gap between sought and perfect weight, since fancied weight can regularly be undesirable weight.    Unreasonable weight reduction is not generally the best alternative for a sound body. While

What Does These Dimples On Your Back Imply?

- Rishabh Sharma   16-11-2016

A significant number people aren't aware of the secrets of human body. There are concealed dimples on your butt which are known by Venus gaps, butt dimples or back dimples. They are in some cases set apart as magnificence signs as Venus was the goddess for Roman individuals. Back

5 Foods That Will Boost Your Sex Drive

- Rishabh Sharma   15-11-2016

Is it true that you are experiencing a dry fix in your sexual life? Plunging testosterone levels, push, or a hormonal unevenness could be to be faulted for the loss of magic in bed. Whatever the reason, help yourself out and help that sex drive alongside the right nourishment. Here

Top 5 Fittest Women In The World

- Rishabh Sharma   14-11-2016

  1. Paula Radcliffe Paula Radcliffe is the world record holder for the marathon at 2hr 15 min. The 40 year old Brit achieved this feat despite being a patient of Asthama.  2. Leanda Cave This 36 year old triathelete won the golden double of Ironman Triathlon and Ironman World Championship in a same

You'll Never Eat A Cheeseburger After Watching This Video

- Rishabh Sharma   13-11-2016

Nowadays everybody realizes that fast food isn't precisely the most beneficial alternative. Individuals who fill their eating routine with takeout burgers, fries and sodas have a much higher danger of getting to be overweight and creating diabetes or a heart condition.    Researchers at the University of Nottingham

This is how selfie addiction affects your Brain

- Rishabh Sharma   11-11-2016

Ever since the selfie feature has been enabled in smartphones, people have gone crazy clicking selfies at weird places and situations. Psychologists are linking this growing habit of taking selfies to various personality disorders; the most prominent among them being narcissism. According to psychiatrist Dr David Veal: “Two out

Ways To Help Him Last Longer On Bed!

- Alive Correspondent   11-11-2016

1- Your partner might end up finishing early if he hasn't ejaculated in a while. Help him achieving orgasm couple of hours before the act through masturbation . This will satiate his excitement and pace it out during the act. 2- Nudge him till the edge, pause all stimulation just

This Girl Went To Gym One Day and Her Life Was Never The Same Again

- Rishabh Sharma   11-11-2016

Anlella Sagra, a fashion designing student and model in Columbia, went to a nearby gym casually one day. However, she didn't knew how this day is going to change the course of her life. She grew and instant liking for bodybuilding and decided to make her career into this

OMG! This Junk Food Actually Helps in Reducing Weight

- Rishabh Sharma   09-11-2016

People who love junk food but still desire to have a svelte figure now have a reason to rejoice. A new study conducted in Italy has revealed that eating pasta and sphagetti does not add on pounds on your belly; instead it helps reducing it. The study was conducted on 20,000

7 Pollution Repellent Plants You Should Have In Your House

- Rishabh Sharma   06-11-2016

There is no doubt that Delhi government will get bombarded with suggestions to curb pollution on big scale, but these suggestions will only put the onus on government and people will continue to act on their freewill. So, in order to make people's involvement in this matter is to

Look what your little finger tells about personality!

- Alive Correspondent   04-11-2016

Look what your little finger tells about personality! Did you know that the length and shape of your cute little reveal a lot about your personality? It might sound a little funny but yeah this is true. So here we go!   Short: If your tiny finger does not


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