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Samsung galaxy S8: Pictures leaked!

- Mitali Sharma   27-01-2017

The Galaxy series of Samsung Smartphones is among the favourites of Smartphone users in which the upcoming one is Samsung galaxy S8. Galaxy S8 is expected to be launched this year but there are reports that the pictures of this highly awaited phone has already leaked on internet. The picture

Pattern locks no more safe: You can break Pattern lock in just five attempts

- Himanshu Yadav   25-01-2017

The popular pattern locks used to secure millions of smartphones and now it can be cracked in just five attempts. The more complicated pattern you use they are more easiest crackable pattern locks, security experts have warned. Pattern lock is a security measure that protects your device such as smartphones

Hyperloop, a new way to travel faster than air

- Alive Correspondent   16-01-2017

Hyperloop is a proposed very high speed transport system pioneered by US entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk.Elon Musk is a South Africa-born American investor and inventor.Hyperloop has approached Union ministry of road transport with a letter of intent.   A US-based company which has embarked on an ambitious

Era of plastic planes

- Chandrshekhar Shrivastava   09-01-2017

Think of plastic and plethora of items made of this malleable material and used in households on day to day basis crop up in your imagination. Never have you imagined about aeroplanes made of plastic and flying over large distances over the globe. But aeroplanes made of a new material &

This New Year Travel Like A Pro

- Sudha Hariharan   30-12-2016

Before the year 2016 ends, a lot of hikers and backpackers are in a hurry to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their friends and family members. Some might want to celebrate in the urban locations and cities, while others might want to spend their festive time far away from

Facebook Wants Fact-Checking Agencies To Identify Fake News

- Sanjib Sharma   16-12-2016

Responding to criticism from all quarters over the spread of fake news, Facebook has asked its users to flag fake news stories which will be verified by third party fact-checkers.      According to media reports, Facebook was going to work with five fact-checking agencies - ABC News, AP,

Jumping robots ready for rescue operations

- Abhishek Kumar   08-12-2016

Robots, jumping like a monkey can be of great help in time of need, such as rescue operations born out of earthquakes or building collapses, etc. Now, monkeys, totally made of metals and microchips working on the software programmed with, are ready to assist humans. Scientists based in United States

Meizu unveils its Smartphone M3S in India

- Gaurav Saini   28-10-2016

 One of the leading Chinese Smartphone company, Meizu launched their much awaited M3s Smartphone in the Indian market at Hyatt Regency, Delhi which will be sold exclusively through ‘Snapdeal’. After unveiling the Smartphone, Meizu let all the Journalists, bloggers and other people present there to use

Use this trick to make your power bank at home

- Rishabh Sharma   24-10-2016

With the arrival of power banks, battery life of your phone is not a bothering issue anymore. By the by, there still exist situations where you either neglect to charge your energy bank or perhaps your companions sneakily spend all the battery in the power bank and you are left

Enterprise Digital Summit Part II

- Sudha Hariharan   10-10-2016

WHAT IS DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIODigital Transformation: A definition # Previous. Digital Transformation is a term that is used to refer to those changes that are linked to the application and use of digital technology in every aspect of human society and living. Digital Transformation is the third stage or

Enterprise Digital Summit 2016 Part 1

- Sudha Hariharan   10-10-2016

 India must bridge digital & capability gap. India, which has led other developing nations as being the largest exporter of information technology services and skilled manpower among developing countries, is trailing China in digitally transforming its economy? Is there a resurgence now?  The World Development Report (WDR) , recently&

World's largest radio telescope begins searching aliens

- Abhishek Kumar   30-09-2016

The world’s largest radio telescope having five hundred metre aperture has started functioning from China. This giant device is developed to search strange objects in the universe, including UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and alien species.  Besides it would  better the understanding of the origin of the

If You Are Addicted To Using Facebook Or A Phone Then This Might Happen To You!

- Amit Kr. Yadav   19-09-2016

Here are a few times when you could relate yourself to, but only if you are a phone or a Facebook addict. Beware!! You might end up relating yourself to this.   1 – Sorry, What Were You Saying? 2 – Have To Take A Selfie 3 – That Chick Is Hot,Should

How ex-planet Pluto looks

- Amit Kr. Yadav   06-09-2016

By Abhishek KumarPluto was also considered a planet of the solar system till August 23, 2006. Actually, Pluto was a member of solar system and hence an important topic in the school syllabus. Now, known as a “dwarf planet”, Pluto is still in memory of those who have studied about

Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp? Here Are the Steps to Unblock Yourself

- Amit Kr. Yadav   26-08-2016

If you have been blocked on WhatsApp by someone and if you want to unblock yourself without letting him know , then there are two methods by which you can easily unblock yourself form anyone’s WhatsApp account .I have tried both the methods and today i will share both

Top 10 Countries With Fastest Internet Speed

- Amit Kr. Yadav   14-08-2016

Internet connection speed lists the average data transfer rates for Internet access by end-users as published in the report State of the Internet by Akamai Technologies. It represents data for documents stored on Akamai networks. Here are 10 countries with fastest internet speed.   South Korea: 26.7 mbps    &

The Science Behind The Shell of Turtle

- Puneet Yadav   19-07-2016

Well  if you ask someone  that why a turtle has shell  on its  back the obvious reason will be that it’s for protection. Hang on !  Paleontologists  from  Denver  Museum of  Nature and Science have found out the actual purpose

Here is what the lines on the back of iPhone means

- Amit Kr. Yadav   11-07-2016

Owning an iPhone is a dream wish for every one of us. When iPhone 6 was first launched, it garnered much criticism for the plastic lines that you can see on the flipside of the phone. The most attractive physical attribute of an iPhone is the sleekness of it. The smooth,

Scientist Find Helium Gas Reserves in African Rocks

- Puneet Yadav   28-06-2016

Think you are just exploring an obscure mountain and you find some gas reservoir which is very valuable for the human race, then you will be on cloud nine. Same has happened with a group of scientist who have found a Helium gas reserve in Tanzanian East African Rift Valley.

North Pole, South Pole Were Not The Only Poles

- Puneet Yadav   25-06-2016

We have been studying in our schools that Earth’s magnetic field has two poles, North and South but what if somebody tells you that Earth’s magnetic field was totally different from what it actually looks today. You will be amazed to know that it had several


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