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- Nandini Jha   24-06-2017

According to latest update, Snapchat introduced latest feature which shows publicly posted images on a searchable map  which has raised safety concerns among parents. Snap Map allows people to search for places such as schools and see videos and pictures posted by children inside. It also allows people to

THREE SMARTPHONES that are in contention with One Plus 5

- Shrey Chibber   23-06-2017

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has launched its much-awaited smartphone OnePlus 5 in India.The  Brand-new OnePlus 5's key featuress are its dual-camera set-up and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 fast processor.Its priced at Rs 32,999 and faces some tough competition from some other Smartphones in the same budget.Let’s take a

The five viable features that may make OnePlus five a champion!

- Mahima Khatter   22-06-2017

The OnePlus five launch in India is just few hours away, the fans will get a look at the device very soon, they are waiting for this launch since the launch of OnePlus 3T last year. The internet overflowed with the teasers and leaked information, while some are found to

Coolest/Weirdest phone accessory

- Ardas Sandhu   19-06-2017

Here comes yet another gadget in the weird/cool arena. HelloZee is the company’s name and Smart Core is the product we are going to talk about today. Smart Core is a dope piece of tech that is available for iPhone 5/5s/SE, iPhone6/6s, iPhone 6+/6s+, iPhone7/7+,

Fujifilm launches 'instax mini 9' camera in India.

- Aditya Sharma   19-06-2017

Fujifilm, the imaging products manufacturer has recently launched a new camera ‘instax mini 9’ in India. The camera is prices at Rs 5,999 and comes with the same design as its predecessor, the instax mini 8. Also it consists of a selfie mirror placed close to the lens, which enables to

Amazon's new innovation in India; will continue to invest in Infrastructure.

- Aditya Sharma   15-06-2017

Amazon continues its investment in India for expanding infrastructure and bringing in the techniques to enhance the experience of the consumer and seller, being a US-based e-commerce its major target is to overtake local rival Flipkart. After its completion of four years in India, Amazon has committed an investment of

Samsung galaxy S8 VS iPhone7 plus - The drop test Guessing the survivor!

- Aarnav Sharma   14-06-2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone7 plus the latest & majestic technologies in India have been launched and probably the best Smartphones for both the company, respectively. Both the technologies are very similar but obviously, have the different designs which make both the phones unique with their capabilities. Talking about the

Want to check your DP viewer on WhatsApp? Here the way you can :

- Arnav Sharma   13-06-2017

As people are being more socializing day by day they also want to know the people who stalk them, many people are actually very eager to know the people who stalk them or view their profile displays. You can actually know the real viewers who tried watching your profile for

Pokemon Go celebrates its Anniversary with a big update and a new event

- Aditya Sharma   10-06-2017

Pokémon Go, one of the most quickly popularized games of all time, including a variety of Pokémon to collect with a different power of elements with them, making people crazy to catch them and collect them all. Now, they are coming up with another huge update.

ONE PLUS 5 - The new redefining launch of the year Focus on what it matters

- Arnav Sharma   09-06-2017

The back side of the OnePlus 5 has been revealed by the OnePlus team, airing a metal build finish on the back with dual-lens camera embodied. Also, the price of the sensational gadget has been leaked through a competition on Facebook, suggesting the price of the phone is going to be

Here's Everything That Went Down Yesterday at WWDC 2017

- Ardas Sandhu   09-06-2017

Apple’s much awaited annual event started on the 5th of June and will go on until the 9th of June. It was held at San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California. Yesterday Apple unleashed a whole lot of products and OS updates that took everyone’s breath

iPhone users getting these new WhatsApp Features

- Aditya Sharma   08-06-2017

The cheapest, comfortable and easy way to stay in touch, the WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging application which is available for almost all smartphones. With more and for features being added to it through new updates, it has become one of the most downloaded applications in the world. It

Learner's Licence to drive via mobile app, Will get it soon.

- Aditya Sharma   07-06-2017

According to the reports, very soon Delhi people would be able to apply for a learner’s licence and also get to learn about the basics of best driving practices via a mobile application. After the Delhi’s Metro Railway application and DTC bus route application now the

Canon EOS 800D: Canon's Best in Low Budget Market

- Aatur Sharma   07-06-2017

With canon’s 30 years of EOS system in the market, Canon celebrates it with launching two new cameras one in the beginner level and one in the semi-professional segment. The beginner camera launched is the new Canon EOS 800D which is to be reviewed here now. EOS 800D comes


- Arnav Sharma   03-06-2017

The most famous communication app Facebook has been defeated by the Truecaller app becoming the fourth most downloaded application in India on Google play store. The application is giving over 1 lakh clicks to in-app advertisers in a single day only. As per the “Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2017” 


- Aarnav Sharna   03-06-2017

It was a time before iPhone when the Nokia ruled the market with its popular handsets and let you play the simple games like Snake. It was the time back in September 2000 when Nokia has sold 126 million of its original 3310 phones.   Now in the new era and modern world

Xiomi Redmi 4 review: Outstanding phone in a low budget

- Ashish Gera   24-05-2017

Xiomi is growing rapidly in Indian market because of their budget phones with best specs. Redmi 4 is the successor of Redmi 3 which was released last year in 2016 with metallic body in a price range of 10,000 rupees.  Now Redmi is coming out with Redmi4 with a design which is similar

Snapdragon 630 and 660 launched by Qualcomm

- Abhishek Kumar   09-05-2017

Qualcomm, the famous mobile chipmaker launched its new Snapdragon 630 and 660 platforms today in Singapore.  These platforms are equipped with several features of its premium 800 tier in the high 600 tier that includes machine learning capabilities. Mobile phones upgraded with these chips will have excellent features that are only available with

70% IT professionals not updated to latest demands

- Abhishek Kumar   04-05-2017

Work positions for information researchers, programming planners, information engineers, UI and UX (client experience) are the most hard to fill for organizations.   The quantity of dynamic hopefuls display for these parts is not as much as a large portion of the request. These specialty positions are well known crosswise

Apple Watch looses support form Google Maps, Amazon & eBay

- Abhishek Kumar   04-05-2017

Major applications including Google Maps, Amazon, eBay seem to have redundant their Apple Watch applications and have discreetly expelled bolster for watchOS in updates submitted to the App Store.   "Google confirmed it had expelled support from Google Maps however recommended that move may be of short period only,&


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