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US Congress to formally recognise India as major defence partner: Ashton Carter

- Alive Correspondent   09-12-2016

New York: The US Congress will soon pass a legislation to formally recognise India as a major defence parter of the United States, American Defence Secretary Ashton Carter has said.   This formal recognition would allow both sides to do things that have never been possible earlier, Carter said.  

Allahabad High Court declares triple talaq Unconstitutional

- Sanjib Sharma   08-12-2016

Allahabad: The Allahabad High Court declared Triple Talaq as unconstitutional on Thursday. The court stated that the practice of triple talaq violates the rights of Muslim women.   The court also warned the All India Muslim Personal law board for opposing the government’s decision of implementing Uniform

Killed Due to Heavy Downpour in Vietnam

- Sanjib Sharma   08-12-2016

At least 17 people have died due to heavy rain and flood in Vietnam, authorities said on Thursday.    Vietnam's central Binh Dinh province has been the hardest hit with nine persons killed, while eight people died in Quang Ngai province, due to flood and heavy downpour, according

Pakistan International Airlines vanished, 47 on board

- Ritika Gupta   07-12-2016

Pakistan International Airlines normally known as PIA is a Karachi construct airline.Plane with 47 individuals in light of load up has lost contact with ground control and was missing soon after taking off from the northern city of Chitral on Wednesday. Plane lost contact with common flight power at around 4.30

18 Dead As 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Shook Indonesia; Building Collapse

- Sanjib Sharma   07-12-2016

On Wednesday, At least 18 people are dead and dozens feared trapped in rubble after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake shook Aceh province on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island.   “ Eighteen have died so far, based on data from the hospital. Some of the fatalities are children,” said Mulyadi, deputy district

Barack Obama attends final Kennedy Center Honors gala as president

- Sanjib Sharma   05-12-2016

Barack Obama has crossed one more event off his list of lasts, attending his final Kennedy Center Honors gala as president on Saturdaynight.    Obama was joined by First Lady Michelle to honor actor Al Pacino, gospel singer and civil rights activist Mavis Staples, members of rock band

5 Strange Cases Where Children were Raised by Animals

- Rishabh Sharma   28-11-2016

1. Daniel, Peru This boy from Peru supposed to have lived with the wild Peruvian goats in isolation for more than 8 years. He survived on just goat's milk and berries in this period. 2. Vanya Yudin, Russia This 7 year old was found inside a tiny apartment which also inhabited many birds.

'The Joker' Heath Ledger's Father Finally Opens Up About His Son's Death

- Rishabh Sharma   24-11-2016

Deceased Hollywood actor Heath Ledger's father Kim has finally come out to share his feelings about his son's untimely death. The 66 year old revealed all in a tete a tete with Channel Nine's Today Extra, where he said that he is very proud of his son and

This 3 year old's parents were shocked when they found out who talked with him secretly during night

- Rishabh Sharma   24-11-2016

A young couple were terrified out of their wits when they discovered that a stranger was talking to their 3 year old toddler during the nights by hacking into baby monitor. The couple named Jay and Sarah discovered that a man had hacked the baby monitor and used to utter disturbing

This Couple Used to Run a Restaurant from 6am to 3am. The Truth About them will Shock your Wits!

- Rishabh Sharma   24-11-2016

People in a bustling town of China were confounded that how a couple used to run their restaurent 24x7. Their curiosity grew two fold as the couple never got tired and continued to work all day like robots. The myth was finally broken by a journalist who found out that

This Plastic Surgeon Performed Countless Surgeries on his Wife to change and the Results are Shocking!!

- Rishabh Sharma   23-11-2016

A Miami based plastic surgeon has uncovered how he utilizes his wife as an 'in-house' model for new customers after re-planning her physical make-up with corrective systems.  Phillip Craft, 47, runs his own facility in Miami and says he's been 'adjusting' his significant other Anna's body since she

This 40 week old pregnant woman dancing to Black Eyed Peas is the cutest thing you will see today

- Rishabh Sharma   23-11-2016

40+ weeks pregnant and an overdue mother, Jennifer Hanson was urgent to attempt pretty much anything, so she and her hubby chose to have a go at something extraordinary for the camera — a lounge room move party! With an end goal to initiate their twin young babies, this dazzling couple

OMG! This man snips this woman's clothes but she didn't object

- Rishabh Sharma   23-11-2016

A girl was standing near a pool in her swimsuit when this man approached her and proposed to cut down her dress.  Well, the above line could indicate towards an entirely different situation in other circumstances. But here this man was none other than famous American designer Adam Saaks,

OMG! Is this Dog Really Bigger than its Master?

- Rishabh Sharma   22-11-2016

Photographer Christopher Cline loves to explore new dimensions of photography. He shifted his base from Virginia to Minnesota and was looking for a new inspiration for his work. His search ended in his girlfriend's gift, a Goldendoodle, which eventually gave a new direction to his career.   Cline photoshops

Huge earthquake hits Japan, tsunami warning for residents!

- Alive Correspondent   21-11-2016

Japan has again been hit by an earthquake with a magnitude as high as 7.4 (as declared by the Japan Meteorological Agency). Japan experiences about 20 percent of the world's earthquakes, which are of the magnitude of 6 or higher. The authorities of Japan have issued a warning of the tsunami. The

Coolest Ways To Say Hello To Strangers This 'Hello Day'

- Ankita Datta   21-11-2016

On 21 November (today), the world celebrates 'Hello Day' just to urge individuals to accept the open door to just welcome individuals, and recognise how important simple communication is in our lives. The design is truly basic, to advance peace everywhere throughout the world, and extension boundaries between each nationality. Now,

5 Most Unusual Models in the World

- Rishabh Sharma.   21-11-2016

Nothing can stop you if you have the courage to fight anything that comes your way. Here is a list of few unusual models who are breaking the stereotypes in the fashion industry with their bold appearances-   1. Melanie Gaydos- The model with no hair and teeth 2. Yasmina Rossi- The

Shocking! Adult Site Reveals Shocking Data About Trump's Family

- Rishabh Sharma   18-11-2016

Donald Trump's triumphant run for the 45th president of the United States likewise observed a surge in the Trump family's notoriety on well known adult site Pornhub, information from the site appeared.    After the results of the presidential race were reported on Nov. 9, the site enlisted

This Woman Squirted Her Breast Milk In Her Office For This Shocking Reason

- Rishabh Sharma   17-11-2016

If you are a employer, never ever piss off your employees on Modays.  A Ukrainian woman got miffed on a boring working monday and squirted her breast milk on her colleagues. The reason- an office meeting stretched to 14 hours which made her loose patience. Look how she marked her

5 Most Cruel Punishments for Rape All Over the World

- Rishabh Sharma   17-11-2016

Rape is viewed as the most hostile wrongdoing. Rape casualties are regularly looked down in the general public and needed to endure mental torment with no blame of her/him. This horrendous effect of physical and mental strike frequently destroy the life of a casualty.    Distinctive governments over


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