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Trump's eagerness to meet Modi: Trade, Terror and H1B visa on list

- Chhavi Bansal   13-06-2017

The kings of two leading democracies of the globe are all set for their first meeting. India and Unites States maintained a harmonious relationship with the regime of Barrack Obama whom Prime Minister Narendra Modi met eight times during his presidency and they both were in the news for the

Disgusting!! This 9-Year-Old Girl Wants To Watch Adult Movies And The Reason Is Her father

- Karan Sharma   13-06-2017

People around the world promote the notion regarding women and child welfare but on the other hand, we read news about women and child abuse. It's available on every media portal whether print or online. Child abuse is not only shameful but inhuman also. We, humans, have reached the

Hole blown in the engine: China Eastern Airlines plane forced back to Sydney

- Ishaan Minocha   13-06-2017

Flight MU736 took off from Sydney at 8:30 pm on Sunday night and was only about an hour into its destination when the fault occurred. China Eastern Airlines plane has been forced to abort a flight to Shanghai and turn back to Sydney airport when a massive hole was ripped in

UK Elections Effect: Sudden Drop in Pound

- Alive Correspondent   12-06-2017

The British pound has slain discernible after the results of the U.K. election in which Conservative Party has floundered to sway a majority in the Parliament. Cable (GBP/USD) toppled from $1.2977 on Thursday to a low appraise of $1.2632 on Friday morning. Whilst euro vehemence against the


- Nandini Jha   12-06-2017

Air pollution is one of the paramount issues for the planet but China is one the ridge and this air poses a peril to Chinese public health. According to the data, in 2016, only 84 out of 338  cities accomplished the national standard for air quality. It has been apprised time to

What happening after UK elections hung verdict ?

- Abhishek Kumar   12-06-2017

After the Tories, I mean Conservatives getting the support of Democratic Unionist Party’s 10 MPs to have the majority line of 326 seats in 650 seat-House of Commons, the new UK govt. has acquired its legal authority to function now. The government formation between the Conservatives and the DUP is being

Mother Of Two Daughters Turns Murderer, Reason Behind The Crime Would Shock You

- Himanshu Yadav   12-06-2017

A teenager mom killed her two daughters intentionally leaving them in a hot car for than 15 hours so she could party with her friends. Amanda Hawkins, 19, left toddlers Addyson, two and Brynn, one, inside the without food or water overnight. Ignoring their cries for help, the Walmart worker then spent

UK ELECTIONS 2017: Trump supports Theresa May

- Chhavi Bansal   10-06-2017

The prediction of exit polls came out to be true for UK election 2017. The conservative party of the nation lead by Theresa May suffered a miserable downfall in the recent British political history, losing an overall majority in the parliament. May’s party lost seats while opposition Labour party

U.K. Elections: May's Downfall due to Brexit?

- Himani Sharma   10-06-2017

United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May received a big blow of rejection when the nightmarish prediction of exit polls came out to be true on Friday. May’s party, the Conservatives, fell short of votes and hence, couldn’t claim their majority in the parliament. A

Immediate security upgrade in Australia: Daniel Andrews

- Chhavi Bansal   10-06-2017

With the increasing terrorism all around the world whether it is the recent Manchester attack or any other attacks which have shaken the whole world. Many of the countries are taking strict security measures to protect their countries from terror activities. One such strict step is taken by Australian politician

Woman masqueraded as bomber takes 30 lives in Iraq

- HIMANI SHARMA   10-06-2017

The sacred Shi’ite city of Kerala witnessed the loss of 30 lives on Friday when a suicide bomber disguised as a local woman shook the eastern part of the city. The bombardment took place in a heavily crowded market near Musayab Tomb. The ISIS claimed and took authority of


- Nandini Jha   10-06-2017

America’s election story was no less than a melodramatic suspense thriller movie with a twist and turns at every nook and corner. States urging the substantial contention were Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, and Ohio. According to the media reports, Republican-leaning states were Arizona, Indiana, 

Britain Gets Its First Female Sikh MP And also a Turbaned MP

- Abhishek Kumar   09-06-2017

  Labour Party candidate Preet Kaur Gill won her Birmingham Edgbaston seat by defeating ruling Conservative party rival Caroline Squire by 6,917 votes. “I am delighted I have been given the opportunity to become the next MP for Edgbaston. I want to engage with the people of Edgbaston and with

Queen of Denial!

- Abhishek Kumar   09-06-2017

The UK PM Theresa May’s Conservative party has failed to win a majority in a snap election she had called actually, leaving the UK with a hung parliament and no clear route to a government. Following the event, pound fell sharply in international market. Actually, the hung parliament

Will Theresa May continue as the UK PM?

- Abhishek Kumar   09-06-2017

Prime Minister Mrs. May stays for now as the Conservative Party wins the maximum seat but not majority certainly. After a few hours of uncertainty after the result announcement, Theresa May heads to Buckingham Palace to seek permission from the Queen to form a government. She has the understanding and

Call which came as a relief

- Rupal Trehan   09-06-2017

A month earlier, an SOS signal was spotted by a helicopter pilot in the backwoods of Australia. This incident caused distress among the Australian police that someone could be missing or in danger. The police told media that while they were investigating on this issue they received a call from

What is UK Election 2017 result?

- Abhishek Kumar   09-06-2017

The general elections 2017 of the UK has given a hung verdict as no party got the halfway mark of a total 650 member of House of Commons. However, the Conservative Party led by present PM Theresa May has got the maximum seat, a total 318, a little short of 326 seats to form

Bopanna brings home the glory

- Priyanka Gusain   09-06-2017

Bopanna and Dabrowski lifting French Open trophy at Roland Garros stadium in Paris Credits: The Asian Age Rohan Bopanna along with his mixed doubles partner Gabriela Dabrowski grabbed his maiden Grand Slam title on Thursday, defeating Columbian- German pair of Robert Farah and Anna-Lena who were runner-ups at Wimbledon last

Pro-Government drone shut down

- Himani Sharma   09-06-2017

Tensions in war-torn Syria continue to escalate, as recently a pro-government has been shot down by an American F-15 war plane after it fired at the coalition forces, officials confirmed.    The Pentagon has been reported with the details about this incident that took place near the coalition's

Terror problems on rise for Qatar

- Himani Sharma   09-06-2017

According to the list released on Thursday, 59 individuals and 12 organisation are found with direct links with Qatar. These individuals and organisations are either based in Qatar or are funded by them. This holds Qatar responsible for providing safe haven to 18% of total individuals and  5% organisations that have their name


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