An Artist turned common words into puns and the result is hilarious: Check them out!

- Himanshu Yadav   11-01-2017


Every word can have various and different meanings depending on how you use them in the different situation and if you add art to the words, then the combination of these arts word can amuse you. Something of like this has been done by an artist, Karen Rosen, who has made some amazing drawing using daily English words to give it a distinctive meaning.

You are using these English words or Phrases in your daily lives but I bet you may never interpret them in such manner as this artist has. The following puns will change the way how you perceive those groups of words or phrases, giving them altogether a new and hilarious depiction!! Be ready to get your funny bone tickled!!

  1. A butterfly you have never  seen

2. Cool..

3. What a chocolate milkshake! #Yummy

4. And pot is Smoking

5. Never  thought rolling the dice could be so funny

6. Mother of board

7. You Are so Heavy

8. LOL

9. When water actually freeze.

10. 4 is playing

11. What an amazing representation

12. Fire is drilling.

13. Drop the eye

14. Hahaha…

Super funny and awesome, aren’t they? How did you find these puns? Share your views in the comments section below.