UK vote for next PM June 8 in wake of Brexit & terror attacks

- Abhishek Kumar   07-06-2017


The general election for 650 parliamentary constituencies in the UK is scheduled on 8th June. This is why the campaigning by all the political parties came to an end on 6th June.

The main contenders in this election are present Prime Minister Theresa May from Conservative Party, Jeremy Corbyn from Labour Party, Nicola Sturgeon from SNP and Tim Farron from Liberal Democrat.

On the last phase of the election campaign, Prime Minister Theresa May says Brexit will lead to more jobs, homes and better transport facilities. While the Labour Party leader Mr Corbyn said the there are only 24 hours left to save NHS.

Due to the latest terror attacks, the security level in the campaigns was on high level. British PM assured the people that in order to do a strict execution of the terror cases human rights laws may be changed.