After development parties will raise other issues in Assembly Election 2017

- Alive Correspondent   09-01-2017


The Election Commission has announced date of assemly elections in 5 states namely UP, Uttarakhand, Punjab,Goa and Manipur between 4th-8th March 2017.
 Apart from development and demonetisation as common issues, threre will be state specific issues like drug , terrorism ,akali corruption and Sutluj-Yamuma link in Punjab, corruption and intra-right fights between ex-Rss chief Subhas and Shivsena and present incumbent -parikar +tourism and kasino in Goa, SP+Bsp and Bjp+corrption/ dynasyy/law and order etc in UP, BJP' artificially created  crisis for congress and corruption in Uttarakhand  and need for regime change after three consecutive congress ,naga and new naga districts +debut Irom Sharmilla's factors can. play major issues in Manipur.
 Now though it is difficult to predict election results, yet it can be tentatively tried. Akali-BJP may loose to Congress  .AAP too may have presence .Akali may loose badly in punjab. There may be neck to neck fight between Cong and Bjp in Uttarakhand. However other players like Bsp and Ukd etc may show their presence. It may have hung assembly.
The adjoinig UP again  at present appear  inching fast towards hung assembly unless somehow there erupts communal riots and votes get polarised. Goa Bjp will loose to Cong -AAP. Which party will form Govt is difficult to guess at least at present. Manipur too will witness change in the hands of a coalition.
This is state assembly elections to be fougt on state issues and by respective state leaders. Modi' tower is getting gradually dwarfed and  will get self proved in time. Modi ji should involve in thing worth his involvement

After all he is our Hon'bĺe Prime minister.