- Nandini Jha   19-06-2017


According to an assertion emancipated by the Syrian army on a state, television exhibited that its warplane shot down by the US and suddenly caught fire on Sunday when it was on a mission against ISIS and the pilot was missing. It was reported that the incident took place on Sunday afternoon near a village called Rasafa.

According to the Syrian authorities, it would have been a crucial attack in a war against widespread terrorism in the region and considers this crash as a big loss for Syrian army’s physical and moral strength as well.

On the other hand, US central command issued a statement in their defence that, “it was an act of defence for the US coalition fighters of Syrian Democratic forces (SDM). According to the USA, it seemed that pro-Syrian fighters attacked SDM held the town of the south of Tabqa and in order to ensure their safety, the US shot down the plane.

While this coalition escalated another conflict between the forces. The US defended it as an act of ‘collective self-defense’. While Syrian army denied the allegations of an attack on US-backed forces and insisted that they will not hesitate to defend those partner fighters as this is fighting against terrorism not against the fighters who are fighting against it.

Strong opposition was witnessed by other forces like Lebanese and Russian on this incident. The point to be noted here that this crash came just a few hours after US forces attacked government led pro-Syrian forces.

While this coalition has raised the tension between the forces serving in the region, the possible outcomes of this incident will be visible or vanished with passing time and will tell whether this tension between forces continues or they lend a supporting hand to each other.