- Alive Correspondent   19-06-2017


Venezuela's President Nicolas accused the U.S. company of persecuting his followers Maduro after accounts linked to his government were suspended.

One of the Twitter accounts suspended belonged to Radio Miraflores, a station set up by Maduro that broadcasts from the presidential palace, including a salsa music program the president hosts. Maduro also accused them of being Chavistas, during a television rally, using the term for followers of his predecessor, late socialist leader Hugo Chavez who's 4 million followers beat Maduro's 3 million even after his death.

The point to be noted here is that Maduro encouraged a pro-government journalist to publish photos of the head of Twitter in Venezuela, to show people "who was responsible for the manipulation."

Twitter on the other hand, refused requests for comment. The company does not list Caracas among the cities where it has international offices.

It was not clear why the accounts were suspended, or how many had been affected. Earlier, Information Minister Ernesto Villegas said 180 accounts were hit.

 But according to sources and reports, Twitter's guidelines say accounts can be suspended for abusive behavior, security or spam, among other reasons. And Villegas said the last tweet from one of the accounts @miraflores_TV, reported comments by Maduro against U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence, made on Thursday and hence can be reason for this suspension.

Despite the strong words against the organization, Maduro encouraged his supporters to keep using the service as a way of countering online the opposition, which has taken to the streets over the past two months leading to protests and demanding elections, protest restrictions and complain about crippling food and medicine shortages.

Maduro accused Twitter that "They killed thousands of accounts, if they shut down a thousand, we will open 10,000 or more with the youth”. As the battle on social media had been and is very important.

This fog will be clear after Twitter will reveal its side of the story which is still awaited.