Ransomware cyber attack targeting more than 100 courntries

- Abhishek Kumar   13-05-2017


In a major cyber attack in more than 100 countries including Britain, Turky, Russia and Japan, more than a billion computers have been hacked worldwide by ‘ransomware’ malware.

This malware locks the system by encrypting the computer data and a message is shown on the monitor that the system could only be used when $300 paid.

Actually, the virus has hacked the British Public Health System. This is why the doctors in Britain are not able to see the file of the patients available online.

According to the cyber experts, the hackers are supposed to crack the loopholes with online security system originally developed by the US National Security Agency.

This malware is being sent through emailing in the form of encrypted compressed file. Once it gets downloaded, it corrupts the whole computer system.