Nepal on its way to measure Everest

- Himani Sharma   19-06-2017


Nepal has said that it will spend full two years in mapping, leveling and checking Mount Everest because its previously recorded stature might have altered because of the calamitous earthquake in the area in April, 2015.


Nepal’s Department of Survey revealed that the mountain, scaling exactly 8,848 metres (29,029 feet) as recorded on prior calculations, might have disordered its geographical arrangement, the Kathmandu Post said.


The two-year mission will also reveal the effect of global warming and climate change on the mountain and will is estimated to cost 140 M rupees.

Sizing up will be done from three positions surrounding the mountain, but Sherpas are also going to take apparatus to the pinnacle "for reaching a final verdict".


This mission initiated by Nepal isn't the lone operation for scaling the Everest right now. The organizational body of Survey of India disclosed their intent to initiate it the previous week, Deccan Herald reports. However, it is also believed that both the nations might pool their resources "to check if the tragic 2015 earthquake shrunk Everest or not", a resolution that has disputed between geologists.

Many a controversy claims are being made that the mountain's highly famous Hillary Step - a rock which is considered as the last obstacle during climbing in attempt to reach Everest, has collapsed.


In May, a British climber told that this feature was demolished by the Nepal earthquake. Matter of fact is that this news quickly denied by two Nepali Sherpas who claimed that the rock face was still present there but underneath, covered totally in snow.