Explosive Bomb Wounds 60 at Thailand's Muslim-dominated south

- Jimmy Gupta   10-05-2017


At least 60 people including children, were on Tuesday injured in twin explosions outside a shopping mall in Thailand’s Pattani. According to media reports, the first explosion was a bomb planted on a motorcycle while the other was a car bomb. The attack was a latest by Muslim separatists in the south of the predominantly Buddhist country. The Muslim-majority border region has seethed with violence for over a decade as ethnic Malay insurgents battle the Buddhist-majority state for more autonomy. The latest attack hit the town of Pattani, with to bombs going off outside the Big C, a busy supermarket near the town centre.

The first device was packed inside a motorcycle parked in the car park and the second blast was a car bomb.

Near-daily shootings and bomb attacks have claimed more than 6,800 lives since 2004, with both sides accused of rights abuses.Talks between the Thai junta and an umbrella group claiming to represent the rebel footsoldiers have staggered along for years without resolution.

Thai negotiators do not believe their rebel interlocutors can stop the violence.

The rebels want peace talks to include international observers, discussions on devolving political power and protecting their Malay-Muslim culture.

But shortly before Tuesday's attack junta chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha reiterated his opposition to international help in solving the festering conflict.