Emergency in Yemen as 180 people die of cholera

- Jimmy Gupta   16-05-2017


Nowadays, Yemen is suffering from a crucial situation in its capital. About 180 peoples were killed due to cholera in Sanaa (capital of Yemen) in the recent days. The report of the happening incident of Yemen was given by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), after the authorities declared a state of emergency there and asked for the international help. 

As Sanaa is already affected by the situation of war from last two years and the condition livelihood have been affected. Having controlled by the armed Houthi movement, which is aligned with Iran and fighting a western-backed, Saudi-led coalition has made the major destruction of the life. In an ongoing war condition from the last two years, the place has also lost its beauty scenario. Due to major war condition, the place has suffered a big loss in terms of infrastructure.  The basic needs or livelihood like water , medical facilities, etc. is also being affected due to war.

"What is happening today exceeds the capabilities of any healthy health system, so how can we (cope) when we are in these difficult and complicated conditions," Saba news agency quoted the Houthi-run administration's health minister Mohammed Salem bin Hafeedh as saying.

A meeting has also been done between the officials and some organisations to take precautions action against the full disaster mater.

As per a news agency between the date of April 27 and May 13, there is massive cases recorded due to disease 8,595 suspected cholera cases were recorded while laboratory-confirmed cases were 213.

State of health emergency is declared in the capital as the disease is getting wilder in the Sanaa and its province.