Testing the Himalayan Conqueror

- Himanshu Pal   09-05-2016


Finally rode the all new Royal Enfield Himalayan on the roads of  Delhi !

One of the most awaited bikes of the year which is going transform motorcycling into an adventure has arrived. The stylish two wheel giant is a new experiment on the body and the looks by Royal Enfield. The bike is specifically designed for all weather and all terrain conditions of the rugged Himalayas. The bike has a masculine look and the chassis has been built keeping in mind the long journeys and the tough roads of the mountains. The motorcycle  looks tremendous in snow color and has a digital meter with a compass which tells the direction you are heading towards. Now let’s have a look at the specifications of country's first purpose built adventure tourer , which has been launched after decades of riding in the toughest conditions as claimed by the company.

Himalyan has 411cc air-cooled engine which gives an efficient output and for fuelling carburetor is used instead of  fuel injection so that if required it can get fixed even in the remotest areas of Himalayas. The Motorcycle weighs 182kgs, and offers a fuel tank capacity of 15 litres. Top Speed is145 km/hr so if you are riding it in the city you will experience the perfect ride at 60-80km/hr with good body balance and handling.

The motorcycle has a sporty look with the round rear lights and digital MID. The up-swept exhaust, twin pot instrument cluster with chrome ring, blackened engine, chassis pipes and rubber footpegs are other attractive features of the motorcycle. The suspension on this motorcycle has been thoroughly revised and is modified to perform durably without compromising the road capabilities.  Rider can also stand up and ride at speeds whilst on an off road trail. The off-road accessories offered are high-mounted front mud flap, a large windshield, a heightened fork and mud guard placed close to the tyre.

Dimensions of the Royal Enfield Himalayan measure
Length   2,190mm
Width        840mm
Height   1,360mm

The wheelbase stands at 1,465mm, and the ground clearance measures 220mm. It has a seat height of 800mm. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is available in two color options Granite and Snow.

Some of the features were unsatisfactory like gearbox is a little notchy and when shifting between first and second gears experienced few false neutrals. Second gear onwards the gearbox shifts well and even responds to clutchless up shifts without much complaint.

An Adventurer and Royal Enfield rider Sumeet Hooda says “This bike is very stylish in looks and well equipped. Comfortable sitting and easy to handle on sharp turns, It would be an adventure to drive it in the snowy roads of  Ladakh.”

For me the motorcycle is perfect for off roads and on roads both .Turning radius of the bike is very less and well  balanced  when taking U turns .While you ride the body posture remains straight that means you don’t have suffer from backpains during long rides, I felt much comfortable while riding. The price range what Royal Enfield Himalyan offers is economical and deserves as it is a fully loaded bike with new features and mechanism. Other from the gear issues you don’t have think twice for such an investment .