Will Rajnikanth Try To Stop Modi Wave In Tamil Nadu OR Ride the Same Wave

- Jimmy Gupta   19-05-2017


The Superstar ‘Rajnikanth’ is now trying to play a new inning for his life. After serving some important part of his life in the film industry, now he wants to serve some part of his life for the people of Tamil Nadu. Nowadays it is a matter of discussion everywhere and everyone is questioning, whether Rajinikanth is trying to enter into politics or not. But Why to wait for the proper answer to the question as something could also be understood by the ongoing situation. Yes, it is correct sometimes the ongoing situation and conditions help us to find our answer. After a long term of eight years, Rajnikanth tried to interact with his fans through his ‘Janta Darbar’, which held for five-days. Also, he is trying to hit the political floors through his political speeches nowadays so from his political discussions and views he tends to hint his fans that he will be a part of Politics in Tamil Nadu.

All Political party willing to form the government in Tamil Nadu is well known about the popularity of Rajnikanth and also know that he will play an important role in Tamil Nadu’s Politics. Now, the question is, If Rajnikanth joins the Politics with which political party he will like to go? As he has also supported some eminent Tamil politicians telling that they are good administrators but they are not able to do anything because of the ‘wrong systems’.

Also, there is a situation of cold war between BJP leader Subramanian Swamy and Rajnikanth. Swamy told in his statement that ‘Rajnikanth’ is ‘unsuitable’ for becoming the chief minister of a large state like Tamil Nadu, and he has no future in politics.

Now, the question that will high the Tamil Nadu Politics is,

For which Party Rajnikanth used the term ‘wrong systems’ and ‘ultimate war’?

Will BJP again as usual separate his statement from Subramanian Swamy and will try to Impress Rajnikanth?

Will Rajnikanth join hands with BJP or will try to stop Modi wave in Tamil Nadu by joining the different party?