New E-Meter Developed to Detect Power Theft

- Jimmy Gupta   14-06-2017


The development of a country is very much dependent on its power sector. The power sector helps in the development of the economic condition of the country. India is a developing country and the power sector is very helpful for the economic growth of the country. But it is unfortunate that in spite of all the measures taken by the Central and State governments, the power sector organisations are still facing huge losses due to power theft.

Power theft in India is done at all levels in India and thus this sector is suffering very much loss even after all the potentials utilization. Power theft is a very big problem for big cities as well as the small villages.

To restrict the power theft, the two engineers had created a device. Yes, it is true that two engineering students Amish Katiyayan and Pawan kumar have developed a great device, which will detect any tempering with the electric meter.

Talking about the device features, the engineering students told if a person tries to make any change in electronic meter anywhere, an alert message will be automatically sent to the concerned authority scrutinizing the electric connections. They also told that this device will be very useful for the electric supply department to control the power theft that is being secretly executed in India almost everywhere.

Pawan Kumar has already developed many smart devices till now. He has already developed Digital Smart Dustbin that informs about the solid waste collected once it is filled up to a level.