In a shocking revelation, Zack Snyder just confirmed it was Dick Grayson, the first Robin, who was killed by the Joker and not Jason Todd in the unofficially titled DCEU (DC Extended Universe).



Since the moment we all saw the Robin costume displayed in the Batcave with a graffiti we all knew it meant our favourite Dark Knight had lost the lives of one of his young sidekicks to the hands of the infamous crowned prince of crime, the Joker. However, it was believed it was most likely going to be Jason Todd who suffered his death at the hands of the Joker and not Dick Grayson.


Jason Todd, the second Robin and later, Red Hood, was killed by the Joker in the comics as part of a twisted plot by him against his arch nemesis, Batman. However, behind the scenes, the character was killed off by a vote that was held by DC wherein the fans called in to vote on whether or not the young Robin should be killed off or not. The character was disliked by a significant number of the fans. He was considered to be an unworthy successor to the mantle left behind by Dick Grayson who went on to take on the name Nightwing and establish himself as the protector of Bludhaven separate from Batman.



This is why it was surprising when Zack Snyder the director of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, came out and confirmed on Vero that it was Dick Grayson who was killed by the Joker and not Jason. The scene in question appears when Bruce Wayne walks by Robin’s suit which is spray-painted over with the words, “Hahaha joke’s on you Batman.”



When a fan asked the director about a Suicide Squad deleted scene captioning, “Batman to Harley (Suicide Squad, Deleted Scene)… Jason?,” Snyder corrected the fan by simply saying “Richard.” It was also revealed that Snyder wanted Carrie Kelley to be the next Robin that made it onto the screen of the DCEU.



What is unclear is that if Snyder is still responsible for the plot lines followed in the DCEU then what do Warner Brothers intend to do with DC’s Nightwing solo movie which is reportedly still in development. Snyder’s role in this cinematic universe was supposed to equal that of Kevin Feige in the MCU, however, he has never gotten as much freedom due to studio interference from Warner Brothers.