Oranges have always been one of our favourite fruits. Orange colour in itself is vibrant and refreshing. It is one of those fruits which can make us feel refreshed instantly. Orange is not only good as a fruit but its peels are way more important as a beauty hack!

Yes ladies! Orange peels are considered a boon for the skin. They can give you glowing, refreshing and radiant skin! Dig in to know how!


1. Get rid of Acne

Orange is rich in citric acid which is very effective in drying away the acne. Excessive dirt or bacteria can block the skin pores and can result in pimples and acne. You can make the face mask by grinding the orange peels and make a paste of it and apply it all over your face. This is not only going to cure your acne but also helps to combat oily skin. With regular usage, you can see the effective results.



2. Treatment of Dark spots and blemishes

Orange peels are even better than the fruit itself when it comes to Vitamin C content. You can crush the peels to form a powder which can be used as a body scrub. Mix this powder with milk and milk cream to form a paste. Apply this to your face to get that glowing skin without any dark spots or blemishes!



3. Removes blackheads

Blackheads have always been a nightmare for every girl. It is very painful and expensive to get rid of them. They clog your skin pores with sebum and dead cells. Orange peels are a saviour to get rid of those annoying blackheads. Just mix one part yoghurt with orange peel powder and apply this paste to your face in circular motion. Wash it off with warm water after 15 mins. It is not only going to remove blackheads but will also unclog excess oil and dirt from your skin.



4. Scrubs away dead skin

Dry the orange peel and grind it into a powder. Add fuller’s earth and honey to it and form a paste. Use it as a scrub to your skin and wash off with cold water to get the rejuvenated and glowing skin free of dead cells and blemishes!



5. Skin whitening qualities

Orange peels can be a great bleach. Mix the orange peel powder with curd or milk to make a paste and apply it to your face. Leave it on for 20 mins and then wash off to get that sun-kissed glow of freshness. This is very useful fairness pack with less money!



6. Refreshing toner

All of us follow the 3 steps to get that perfect skin- cleansing, toning and moisturizing. And rather than using those harmful chemical products from the market, one should try the natural and homemade toners. Orange peels have anti-oxidants and are suitable for both dry and oily skin. Orange peels can remove the dead cells and keep it toned. To make the face mask, you can mix the orange peel powder with yoghurt. Apply it on your face and wash off after 10 mins and you’re good to go!



7. Radiant skin

Instead of grinding the orange peels, you can simply pour boiling water on them and let them dry for one day. Next day, filter this liquid and refrigerate. Apply this to your face with a cotton ball until it dries up and you will get that perfect glowing and radiant skin!

So, ladies! It is time to choose natural substances over those harsh chemical products! Do not throw the orange peels now and make the best use of them!

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