Have you ever thought of the miracles little sabja seeds can do? Do you know that these pure seeds can make your weight loss endeavours easy to achieve?

People often use it to improve the condition of their skin, hair and overall health. With a trivial amount of carbohydrates and very rich stuffing of fibre, nutrients, protein, omega3 and 6 fatty acids, the sabja seeds are known for keeping one feel satisfied for long, ensuring that one does not end up eating very often.

These seeds are largely used due to its medicinal possessions for the cure of depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and metabolic imbalances.

Are you still wondering what sabja seeds are?

Well, Sabja seed (also known as ‘tukmalanga seed’ or ‘basil seed’) is a little black and tear-shaped seed from the basil plant which resembles the ‘Chia seed’ and is credited for its immunity boosting properties. The seed is very hard to chew and so it is usually consumed after being soaked in water for around half an hour. When soaked in water, it absorbs water and swells up by developing a gelatin-like coating around it which in turn boosts the fibre content. To your astonishment, it has the ability to expand up to 30 times of its original size!

According to the Nutritionists, sabja seeds have sensational benefits of an antioxidant which helps in controlling diabetes and is also useful for the skin. The mix of Sabja seeds and coconut oil is effective to ward off many skin related diseases like psoriasis and eczema and due to a good amount of vitamin K, protein and iron; they’re also used as a hair growth supplement.

Sabja seeds are an important ingredient of summer diet as these seeds are used to lower down the body temperature which ensures easy bowel movement and helps to flush out the stomach toxins. Soothing and cooling effects on the stomach also reduce the burning sensation and so it is used as a reliever in acidity.

Studies have revealed that consuming the basil seed extract may also help in delaying the development of insulin resistance and preventing weight gain in people with metabolic syndromes. The fibre content of the sabja seed makes the stomach feel sated and free from hunger cravings for a comparatively longer period and thus it curbs the appetite dramatically.