Sure, we all get hunger pangs when its 4 in the evening, we always feel to grab a pack of potato chips or some fries, or even a bar of chocolate because it’s been a while, right? But have you ever wondered what your craving for most of these junk can actually mean something? That maybe your body is trying to tell you something?

Your food cravings may have a link to your nutritional deficiencies, dehydration, imbalances and a lot more than you think. If you crave for a particular thing more often, it is possible that you lack of some important nutrients.

Different food cravings, indicate different requirement of nutrients that your body need.


1. If you crave saturated fats and trans fat (French Fries, Chicken Nuggets)

Here, your body is actually craving for Calcium and Healthy Fat. It means you are deficient of healthy fatty acids, and NO you can’t have it controlled with stuff like samosas, French fries, vada pav as they are empty calories and contain no nutrients. If you have these cravings better to snack on foods like yoghurt, flax seeds, tofu, salmon or avocados, they don’t send harmful cholesterol to your bloodstream.



2. If you crave Salted Stuff (Popcorn, Potato Chips)

Your body is trying to tell you that it requires the Traced Minerals (Sodium, Chloride, Silicon) but you might want all those party snacks with all the salty goodness sprinkled over them! Chances are you are either dehydrated or stressed, these type of food comfort you, but they aren’t the healthiest, instead, opt for something that is naturally infused with water to pump up the salt in your body, cucumbers, lemon, mint, hummus, carrots, dried fruits or barley are the healthy options for you.



3. If you crave Carbs ( Pizza, Biryani, Pasta)

You actually need Chromium and Fiber in your diet, you might want to have a bit of white bread, crackers or a pack of noodles that can also be an indication of insulin resistance or maybe you are just hungover. But if you are not then maybe you should include more chromium and magnesium-rich fruits in your diet. Bananas, broccoli, apples or celery are a good option, they also improve your blood sugar level.



4. If you crave Sweets or Candy

If you so want to bite that Gulab Jamun then it is actually your body telling you to increase your glucose intake. If you are thinking you should skip dinner so that you could eat one scoop of ice cream or the candy bar, then you might want to reconsider it. Refined sugar intakes will make the situation even worse and you’ll crave more sugar.  A small amount of refined sugar will spike your blood sugar level making you obese, it is better to munch on whole grains, bananas, asparagus or sweet potatoes to fix your sugar problems.



5. If you crave Chocolate

It might be the most common craving, your mood swing solver is probably chocolate but you are actually having a deficit of magnesium and chromium. We know it’s hard to resist that rich cocoa cake but it isn’t good for you. Brownie points (sorry) to those who said raw chocolate can be eaten in moderation. But to curb the cravings eat veggies like spinach, broccoli, green beans, avocados and pumpkin are healthy (We know it’s hard to choose them over chocolate).



6. If you crave Coffee or Energy Drinks

Yes, we all need that one ‘sacred’ cup of coffee to switch up which is fine. But if you need caffeine and energy drinks constantly then you might need Phosphorus and Sulphur in your body. Kick start your day crunchy nuts like walnuts or almonds or veggies like spinach or kale or even better make a smoothie of them in yoghurt and you’re good to go for the whole day, feeling energised.


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