Ladies, if you are on your days to count those calories to get that perfect Beyonce like figure, you may have heard people talking and stressing about eating a ‘healthy’ diet which may include, lots and lots of fruits and veggies. And there is a great possibility that you may have started eating them as well, but you’re still not getting the desired results!


Remember, for losing weight it counts 70% of what you eat and 30% of your workout routine, so you really need to be more careful about what you eat. While fruits and veggies are really a good and probably the best option if you’re being calorie conscious but there are some fruits and veggies that you should definitely avoid if you want to lose weight faster!


Here are some of them that you should avoid:


  1. Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits such as mangoes and pineapples may taste delicious and sound healthy, but they aren’t. Tropical fruits are rich in sugar content and contain higher amount of calories which you don’t need. Snack on fruits like apples or pears, which are rich in fibre and contain fewer calories.



  1. Dry Fruits

Dried fruits are the one that have their water removed, and because of this there are like mini bags which contain loads of calories! And this will result in, intake of large amount of calories without feeling full. One cup of raisins contain 500 calories! And moreover, dry fruits contain oils, which will not only result in weight gain but will also result in acne breakouts!



  1. Avocados

Turned out, the famous guacamole ingredient is not good if you’re cutting weight! Avocados contain fats and thus, more calories. One cup of avocado has approximate 400 calories! But it contains fat that is actually good for your heart, so it is no wrong to include them in your diet sometimes but it can’t be your everyday munching snack!



  1. Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

Yes, yes, we know it is like the key ingredient of every other dish especially if you live in India. But potatoes are high in calorie count, blame on the starch please! An average potato contain 212 calories, while sweet potatoes are even worse which contain 250 calories! On the other hand, a plate of leafy veggies such as lettuce, spinach or kale have less than 20 calories, well your skinny friend may irritate you at a restaurant by ordering salad, but she is actually right!



  1. Vegetable juice blends

It may seem difficult for you to intake every veggie and fruits in your diet every day, you might want to opt for a vegetable juice blend that gives you the complete nutrients of veggies, but be careful with that! Many of these blends, contain high amount of sugars and salts. You might get your veggie and fruit intake but you’ll also be getting a high amount of sodium at once, which could be your entire day’s quota for it! Read the ingredients carefully before buying the packaged ones.