The love capital can be fun even in the summers. The scorching heat won’t deter you from going out and having fun this time.  Here are five places you can visit in Delhi this summer.

1.       Hauz khas:

Hauz khas has a mix of history and modernity.  It has a water reservoir with the Hauz khas fort. There are many cafes close to the Hauz khas fort. One can simply relax and enjoy in the cafes avoiding the Delhi heat. There are many cafes which overlook the beautiful water reservoir and the fort.  Hauz khas is a fun place for people who like to live there life at a fast pace while enjoying the old cultural heritage of our country as well.

2.       Cyberhub, Gurgaon:

cyber hub is one of the futuristic business parks in India. It has amazing cafes, restaurants, fun filled events and a lot more. It is a great place to socialise and hang out with friends and family.  Many movies and tv shows are also shot over there as it looks very beautiful and modern. It is surrounded by many malls and has a great connectivity as well. One can definitely have an amazing time in the lap of luxury in cyber hub.

3.       Delhi hatt:

Delhi hatt provides a platform for the rural population to showcase and sell their goods.  Delhi hatt is a treasure for the Indian culture and heritage. There are lot of thing which can be done! There are lot eating joints and culture performances which are going on at the same time. It feels like the whole country has come under one roof with its exciting diversities.

4.       Ice lounge, saket:

In a hot weather like this we all feel like escaping to the hills. We all do not have enough time to go to the hills. Therefore we can have a getaway from the Delhi’s heat in Delhi itself. One can go to ice lounge Delhi and have an amazing meal and drinks in the zero degree temperature. Having a feel of the winter and reliving the memories from winter. It a really new concept in India and is being well appreciated by the public.

5.       Majnu ka Tila:

Majnu ka Tila is a Tibetan colony located in north Delhi. It is perfect pocket friendly place to hangout. There are amazing cafes and restaurants which provide you with authentic Tibetan food. One can even shop for amazing day today items such as shoes and clothes with the best variety available. It is mostly frequented by the student population. It is a perfect getaway to Tibetan culture right here in Delhi itself.


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