Men are very confusing. It is very difficult for female to know what they really find attractive. Here are few tips which will help you know what men really find attractive.


Independent thinking:

Men like women who have thoughts of their own and take their own decisions. They like the boldness and independence of a woman. This makes the woman look even more desirable.



All men find humorous and happy women very desirable. They love to spend time with her because the time they spend with her is always fun. Men know that such women have the capacity of lightening the mood even after a stressful day. This makes men more attracted towards women who have a good sense of humor.



Curves at the right place make women look desirable and sexy. One can always wear clothes which will enhance their figure and curves. Men mostly like women with heavy breast. The cleavage adds to a sexy quotient in females. This makes men attracted towards them.



Men are attracted to women who have self-respect. No one likes a person who is ready to be treated like a door mat by people. They like the confidence and strong attitude of females.


Comfortable with his friends:

Men always find those women very attractive who get comfortable with his friends and does not mind hanging out with them. He likes that his social circle is accepted completely by the woman he likes. This makes him admire her even more.


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