Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference”-Robert Frost.


From poets to philosophers and psychologists to an ordinary man, everybody has to make choices in life.

Which career should I engage in? Should I split or shall I marry him? When answering these questions might sound easy to some, others find it really hard to make a right choice from the plenty of options. And sometimes, it becomes very tough to decide what to choose and what to leave as an option.

But sometimes, not often!

If you’re among the ones who find it quite difficult to make most choices, you’ve landed on the right page. Let’s see what makes it hard for you to make a choice.

1. Fear of failure:

What if your decision turns out to be wrong, is one of the major factors that act as a snag in the process of smooth decision-making. Keep this in your mind that there is nothing like a wrong decision. It all depends upon the situations you come across. Results can be totally against than what you expected. And that is the wonderful stroke of life; uncertainty.



2. Balance: 

Whenever it’s about making a choice, head or heart is the question!  Better not to muddle yourself in the ‘heart or head trap’ and try to set a balance between the two. Try analyzing the benefits of what ifs and mediate for the right decision.



3. Over thinking: 

Over analysis leaves you in a confused state of mind and crafts your dilemma in a rather complicated way. So, when thoughts start ruling your mind, just pick a pen and a sheet of paper and write your problem along with the possible pros and cons to structure your thoughts.

If you really find yourself fenced in any of these above-mentioned traps, try considering the tips below:

  1. Evaluate the various available options: Stay calm and list down all the available options. After briefing the insights about the alternatives, think about the risks involved and analyze the pros and cons.
  2. Shed all the fears related to failure. Keep in mind that failures are the stepping steps to success/
  3. Be analytical but don’t get too adhered to the outcome. Because once you’ve tossed the coin in the air, the outcome is always unpredictable.
  4. Take open-minded actions. Try to set a tune with the instinctive feelings related to your decision.
  5. Try to fit in your morals and values. If it’s unethical, don’t go for it.
  6. Try to balance your heart and head. Avoiding the logic and facts can trouble you; however, it is equally important to consider your gut feeling.
  7. Don’t regret the unexpected results. Rather try to learn from your shortcomings. This way you will build up your confidence and skill of decision-making.



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