With the inception of monsoon, new fashion season is on the track!

The choice of right hairstyle that complements your features is something that everybody desires. The first mania that goes into having a fine hairstyle and not seeing any of those bad hair times is your choice of haircut. Go, cut it out!

The thin messy bob, making waves across the fashion industry, is literally too flawless! Going for a cut that is a shoulder length is another special way to revamp your face with relatively low maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for a new look or just a just a twist to revive your existing style, we’ve got a list of top hair trends of 2018 that will keep you on radar. According to the experts, 2018 will be dominated by the no-fuss natural hair, with great textures and amazing hair styling.


Short hair trends

Shortcuts are usually preferred for the summer-monsoon fashion trends. They’re a good choice; not only easy to work with but are far more than just the cute cuts defining new standards of hair styling. Slightly messy and natural looks are preferred for the short hair this season. For the super short hair, try out a cropped cut on the sides with wavy bangs at the front. And for the hair till jaws, try a curly and cropped bob.



Medium Hair Trends


New hairstyles for medium tresses embrace super candid locks or slight wobbly and natural curls. You can pin-straight your shoulder-length hair parted in the centre of the head for a super lustrous look. You can even add a slight curl to the bottom half of your hair using a curling iron or perhaps rumple your hair using your hands to add volume and body.



Long Hair Trends


Do you prefer to keep those long flowing hair? Long hair looks good on almost anyone, irrespective of time and age. So you can try a loose braid fling over one shoulder. And if you want to let that hair run free, try using a volumizing spray and blow-drying your hair away from the face at the tips for feathery ends. Moreover, long messy-tresses’ look is the talk of the town this season. Just a little finger comb and your hair are ready for the day with modest preparation. For hot and humid days, be little creative with the simple braids. Little favouring to the braids are among the top hair trends of the season.