We all love a natural look. However we do want to conceal our flaws at the same time. Here are few simple steps which would allow you to enhance your look with a little bit of makeup here and there to give a natural touch.

1.       Clean your face:


One should clean their face nicely before applying any makeup. The dirt and oiliness of the face would give a shabby and dirty look. The dirt would even clog the pores which would result in pimples. Clean face gives a smooth and beautiful luster to one’s face.


2.       Moisturize your face:



Moisturizer is the perfect base. It hydrates your skin. It prevents the makeup from directly being in contact with your skin as it acts as a base. Moisturizer provides an even tone to the skin and gives a glow to the skin.


3.       Base coat and concealing:


Very little amount of foundation should be applied to give the skin a lustre. Then the concealing should be done. Dark circles, blemishes should be concealed. This would provide an even tone and a flawless skin look to your face.


4.       Highlighting or little blush:


Little blush can be applied on the cheeks and a little highlighter can be applied on the nose and cheek bones. This would help you highlight your features subtly and would make you look even prettier.


5.       Nude lip colors or very subtle shade of pink:


Light shades such as the nude shades or light shade of pink can be applied. This would give a light and beautiful look to you. A little lip gloss can also be applied for a little luster and glamour.


6.       Little mascara:

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To keep a natural look one must apply only a little amount of mascara or even clear mascara can be used. Don’t apply eye liner as it gives a look as one has applied makeup. Simple mascara adds to the grace and beauty of your look.