Kindness is a simple term with a simple meaning. Kindness means being generous, considerate, helpful and good. When we do something good to others, we feel good and contented. One should not underestimate the joy that comes from simple acts of kindness in a day. Do spare sometime everyday for these little acts which  give you immense happiness.

Kindness can be used as a strong and the most powerful weapon to make the world a better place to live and to improve the quality of life. It can spread positive vibes everywhere and absorb all the negativity prevailing in the world. It can surely eradicate hardships, sufferings, war, crime and several other problems , thereby promoting peace and harmony in the world.

Simple acts of kindness in a daily life can give you a never ending joy. One can enthral the other by simply being kind. All it takes a little effort to make one’s day happy and bright. Take pride and pleasure in helping others. Be compassionate and welcoming to others. Kindness not only gives you happiness but also it strengthens your relationships and bonds with others.

Here are some simple acts of kindness which you can undertake to make your day happy.

  • Donating clothes and books to an orphanage.
  • Complement and appreciate others.
  • Share your Tiffin with your friends or colleagues.
  • Prepare a yummy meal for your family and friends.
  • Be polite and generous.
  • Try helping others in different ways.
  • Take a photo for a family.
  • Help the elderly and children in crossing the roads.
  • Teach poor children for free.
  • Be friendly and helpful to your neighbors.
  • Lend a pen or a paper.
  • Don’t litter on the road.
  • Share books with someone.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Be kind to animals and try finding them shelter.
  • Feed the poor.
  • Share your umbrella with a stranger.
  • Hold a lift or a door open for someone.
  • If you are thankful to someone in any way, thank them with a card and a small gift.

With these little acts of kindness, try to create an impact in the society. Inspire people around you to do the same for the good of the society. Let kindness spread like a disease which affects everyone. Make kindness a daily habit to please and help others with a minimal effort. Never ever shy away from it, rather showcase it in front of everyone so that everybody else gets inspiration. Try to instil the random acts of kindness in your family and friends to make life easy and happy.

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