It’s the most confusing time for all of us when we aren’t sure about the fact that is he really interested in us or is he just being nice to us. If you are the shy kind then it is even worse for you as you cannot go and directly approach him. For that here are some signs which will help you figure out if he is really interested in you.

He is the first one to start a conversation:

If he is interested in you he would always be interested in talking to you. He would always initiate new topic that would help him know more about you. He would want to know about your thoughts, ideas and interests. He would like to be a part of your day and make you a part of his by talking about it.

He focuses and remembers the things you are telling him:

If he focuses and remembers the things you have told him. This means that he is really interested in you. He takes you seriously and does not want to forget any important detail about your life.

He could be nervous around you:

A person who likes you could be nervous around you because he likes you. He could be conscious about his body language or the way he talks. If he shows this sign then he is definitely interested in you.

He praises you no matter what:

If he likes you he will compliment you no matter what. He would find you desirable the way you are. He would like your natural self. He would even praise you for the things that you don’t plan to do just to impress him.

Eye contact:

Eye contact gives a sense of trust and mutual understanding. If he looks into your eyes while talking, it means that he trust you. Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship. If he shows this sign then he is interested in you.