I was standing amidst the sand dunes, under the scorching sun. My lips parched and my throat was dry. It was terribly hot. There was no sight of life around me. There were no trees, bushes or grass. The only movement that I could feel was that of the hot wind which slapped me time and again. As I stood wandering about my exact location a gust of wind blew me down amongst the sand dunes, shifting them from one place to another. Then a second gust of wind blew and it whisked me up, spinning higher and higher until it dropped me a little and then I started floating in the air along with the wind. I could see the ground once again. I was straining hard to see all the creatures that lived in the soil and crawled on the surface, but I could see none. I thought my journey through the dessert would soon be over, I would once again see the lush green earth and blue waters, but even hours later I was still roasting in the hot air without a glimpse of any life! Suddenly, I saw some structures, I thought at last it was some town but to my wonder, these were the ruins of some city without any plants or trees. I couldn’t see the familiar sight of jungles and rivers gushing by. It was getting hotter and hotter and I felt my body would sublime into the air. I was by now also having difficulty in breathing. I wanted to go away from such a disgusting place. I wanted to be back, in the comfort of my home amongst my near and dear ones. I was tossing and turning to be relieved, and then I heard my mother call me. Her voice sounded like music to my ears for the first time. Again, I heard her call a bit louder this time and I opened my eyes!! Oh! So, I was dreaming all this while. Thank god. I was still feeling very thirsty. My mom was standing in front of me with a lamp in her hand. She asked me to follow her. I had a glass of water which tasted really very sweet and I followed her outside. She lighted the lamp and placed it next to the ‘Tulsi’ plant. I was shocked to see her do this, and immediately confronted her. “How could you do this? You are so modern in your outlook then how could you still believe in these age-old practices?” She smiled and said “Do you know that the ‘Vedas’ sing highly of trees and in India some trees are particularly looked upon with a great amount of reverence and also worshiped. It is just a way of social education regarding trees. The trees not only give us fruits and vegetables but are also useful in providing us things like gums, rubber, medicines and most importantly oxygen. Trees are truly ‘the elixir of life.” I was greatly impressed by the wisdom of our ancestors because today we all know that trees absorb harmful gases like carbon dioxide and gives back oxygen which is the basis for life. They maintain water tables and stops floods. They give us the gift of life and in our greed we senselessly axe them down. I realized that my dream would soon become a reality if we don’t immediately stop our nonsensical call acts of polluting and destroying our environment. We should learn never to cut the trees and treat them with respect they deserve