Detox water helps you to cut down your fat as it contains fresh fruits and vegetables which are low in calories. It cleans your body, increases your energy level, and improves digestion.
It is very easy and simple to make healthy drinks within few minutes.
Detox drinks have many benefits but the main benefits are it reduces the body fat and gives you glowing skin.

Here are few detox drinks for summer:


1. Lemon and Ginger

To flush your fat away here is a way to do it quickly. It helps to improve your metabolism. The ascorbic acid in lemon juice aids in cleansing and helps you burn calories fast.

1 lime
2 fresh ginger, sliced
2-liter water
Allow detox water to instill in the fridge for at least 1 hour.



2. Apple and Beetroot

Apples are very beneficial for health it has Vitamin C which helps to build your immune and nervous system.
Beetroot controls the growth of bad cholesterol in the body. It also helps to shed the extra kilos in our body.

2 large beetroots peeled
3-4 large apples
1 tablespoon of honey
2-liter water
Allow detox water to instill in the fridge for 1 hour.



3. Watermelon and Strawberries

These two fruits are almost everyone’s favorite, they are juicy and yummy.
Strawberries control the blood sugar level in our body. Fresh watermelons are best to cool the body.

½ pint of fresh strawberries
2 slices of watermelon (Cubed)
6 mint leaves (Optional)



4. Cucumber, Lemon, Mint

Lemons are great for digestion and boost up our immune system. Cucumber keeps the body hydrated as it eliminates toxins. Mint adds sugary taste to the water and adds lovely refreshing flavor.

½ Cucumbers
1 lemon
Few sprigs of mint
2 liter of water
Mix and leave the detoxed water for overnight in the fridge.



5. Try Citrus this summers

Citrus fruits are really good for our body and contain vitamin C. They wash away the toxins from the body
Orange has an interesting fact it helps to reduce the aging process. Lemon is good for digestion.

2 oranges
½ lime juice
Slice a cucumber
2 liter of chilled water.