Anemia is something which is very common in women and is often ignored by the ladies. But little do they know, ignoring this disease can prove deadly. It is something which can be cured easily in the early stages with a diet rich in iron but if it remains untreated it can lead to serious conditions which include Heart Failure or even death as it usually happens when your body doesn’t have enough hemoglobin which supplies oxygen to the body. It is better to identify whether you’re Anaemic or not in the early stages before its too late.

So, ladies here are 7 signs to check if you’re Anaemic!

1. You feel tired and sleepy all the time.
By that, we don’t mean you just had a hectic day and then you’re tired! Here we mean if you feel tired and it is difficult for you to complete your daily tasks, or for the matter of fact that you’ve been sleeping a lot lately reason being you’re just exhausted it can be a matter of concern. Since fatigue is the foremost and yet the most common symptom of Anemia feeling weak can be a sign, it is because the body can’t break down nutrients and make energy without enough oxygen.

2. Your skin is getting pale.

If you’re suddenly losing the natural blush of yours or your skin doesn’t look pink as it used to do, chances are you’re under a symptom! Since your body doesn’t have enough blood so it tries to provide blood to the vital organs, depriving other parts like your skin. Thus, you lose your natural color and start to look pale or even grey and ashen if your anemia is getting worse.

3. Your nails are being chippy and thin.
By chipping we don’t mean when you lose your long stiletto after a manicure (yikes!) we mean, that your nails even if they’re short, start getting brittle, chippy and yellow. It is because nails are cells, and cells need oxygen to grow, without oxygen, your nail beds can’t make healthy cells.

4. Your hands and feet are always cold.
Well sadly, your arms and feet fall under the non-vital organs of your body. So your body, which doesn’t give them enough importance, limits their oxygen supply if you’re anemic which makes them cold or even numb.

5. You often run short on breath.
Which is okay if you’ve just started working out, but if you can’t catch your breath after taking those 15 steps stairs or even that little cardio leaves you windy, it is time to make a trip to your doc, its because your lungs are working way harder to bring more oxygen.

6. You have cravings for food which isn’t even food?
The condition is called ‘pica’, it can often be seen in pregnant women, because they lack iron in their pregnancies which is very common BUT if you aren’t pregnant and you have cravings for things such as grains, ice, dirt, chalk etc. chances are you’re anaemic and this is quite serious because eating dirt or chalk can lead to poisoning. The theories of why anemia leads to pica remain unclear but it is possibly because your body is actually craving for iron supplements.

7. You have an irregular heartbeat.
In order to compensate for the lack of energy, your body wants to circulate the blood faster to spread that little hemoglobin so that you can get oxygen. In short, your body is telling you that you’re anemic by giving you heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat.